Spanish-American War/Conflict

Co. H, 50th Inf.

Shoup, Aubrey Kirk 1880-1931

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LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel
November 3, 1898


The Plymouth County contingent of soldiers, members of the Fifty-second Iowa
volunteers, returned home Monday morning on a special train arrived at 3:30,
which conveyed companies H, L, and M from Des Moines. They are home this
time to stay and resume their avocations as private citizens, after having
responded to the call of their country and faithfully performed the duties
which they were called upon to undertake after enlisting. Those who returned
this morning were John Connolly, Peter Wilmes, Henry Mammen, Jos. Mohan, W.
McGillvray, L. McGillvray, A. K. Shoup, W. Kennedy, Gus Forbes, Chas. Burns
Jr, of LeMars; Henry Brandt, of Struble; Dave Langhout, H. Eberhardt, A. K.
Shoup, Merrill; Clarence Moore and H. Ewing (sic William A. Ewin), of Seney.

Of several of the boys seen, they all agreed that if Uncle Sam needed their
services again, they would be willing to step right up to the front and
their only regret was that they never had a chance to go into action.

The LeMars boys on the whole have no complaint to make and in contradiction
to reports have nothing to say in disparagement of their officers and all
speak in highest terms of Colonel Humphrey, the head of the regiment.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Post, May 30, 1899

Chris Moser Receives the Appointment and A. K. Shoup Was Made Alternate.

Congressman Thomas has made his appointment of a cadet to Annapolis in
accordance with the competitive examination held in this city last Thursday,
Chris Moser, of Sioux City, being the successful candidate and Aubrey K.
Shoup, of Merrill, was selected as alternate.

Commenting on the appointment the Sioux City Journal says:

“A Sioux City boy was named for the appointment at Annapolis, but Chris
Moser is known neither to Will B. McNider, jr., nor Geo. L. Anderson, who
took the examination with him at LeMars, nor to Capt. J. L. Lothrop, who was
one of the Board of Examiners. The Directory gives no Chris Moser, and
except for the fact remembered by Geo. Anderson that he gave his age as
eighteen years and that he was a particularly sturdy built lad. Chris Moser
was at 2 o’clock this morning a mystery. He who could not be found to be
told his good fortune and to tell the story of his life.”

While the Journal was looking for the young man, he was stopping at the
Windsor Hotel in LeMars and gave the following account of himself:

That he was raised in Galena, Ill., and graduated from the high school of
that place in 1897, and is nineteen years of age. For the past few months
he has been working for his cousin, Wm. Maxiener, who conducts a bakery at
417 Douglas street, Sioux City. That he had to make his own way in the
world as his mother was a widow and since leaving school he had been working
in order to obtain money to procure himself a college education.

Mr. Moser is a fine specimen of young manhood and health and is evidently
built to work his way through this world and be somebody. In conversation
he said that he put all the time he could on his papers, and in the language
of President Seerly in his talk to the High School not long ago, he “did all
he could, instead of all he must, and carried off the prize.”

A. K. Shoup, the alternate, is well known in LeMars having lived here for
several years prior to moving to Merrill a short time ago. He is a son of
Prof. Shoup, of Merrill, is a graduate of the LeMars Normal Class of 1897.
He was a volunteer in the Spanish-American War and served with the 50th
until they were mustered out.

It is not creditable to LeMars that so few candidates went into examination,
especially when it was conducted right here at their doors where no expense
was attached to it.

LATER—During the past few days matters have come to light which will
entirely change the results of the examination. An investigation proved
that Moser had only been a resident of Sioux City and this district for a
few days and that his home is really at Galena, Ill., where it is said he
took the same examination only a few days ago and was selected as an
alternate. Congressman Thomas has been informed of these facts and will not
appoint Moser, but the appointment will undoubtedly go to A. K. Shoup, who
stood next highest in the examination.