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LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel
June 9, 1898

The Sheriff of the county desires the publication of the following letter
received from Governor Shaw which will explain the status of the case to
those who are desirous of enlisting and also to those who have already
placed their names with the sheriff. Sheriff Herron says he is daily
receiving inquiries by mail and in person from me desirous of going to the

State of Iowa, Executive Office
Des Moines, Iowa, June 4, ‘98

My Dear Sir:--When the officers, who are to be detailed by the war
department to superintend the recruiting for the existing regiments, report
to me, I will place them in communication with you in order that you may
advise them as to the men who desire to enter the service from your
locality. Yours sincerely, L. M. Shaw.

Up to noon Monday the names of forty-six had been received at the sheriff’s
office. They are as follows:
Arthur N. Hoffman
Willis P. Yarnell
John Roeder
H. I. Crawford
Lewis Haerling
Peter Hansen
Edgar E. Scott
James A. Hamilton
Paul Kaupail
R. A. Blake
Julius Mertz
Theodore Schmitz
M. D. Billings
David Langhout
Chas. Modin
Clarence Oldham
Henry Eberhard
A. K. Shoup
Richard Johnson
Fred W. Johnson
Wm. Schoemaker
Watson D. Kennedy
Wm. A. Ewing (sic Ewin)
Geo. L. Moulton
Lawrence Clos
Robert Adams
Frank Van Dyke
C. E. Moore
Louis Brick
Ralph Dalton
Frank Heald
Thos. Leeckley
Mark W. Aukema
Matt N. Tritz
John Barels
Ernest Fritz
P. C. Roddy
Andrew Sauer
Benjamin Clagg
J. B. Conway
Vance Conner
Reimer Busch
T. J. Delaney
B. J. Beck
Wm. McGillvrey
Lawrence McGillvrey