Akron, Iowa

Akron Register-Tribune
October 23, 1919

Albert E. Hoschler Post, No. 186, Starts With a Membership of Nearly
100—Elect Officers

At a well-attended meeting of service men in the Akron Opera House last
Friday evening, organization of a post of the American Legion was perfected.
About fifty soldiers, sailors and marines who were in the service of their
country in the Great War were present and enjoyed a short but excellent
program that had been arranged for their entertainment.

Following a prayer by Rev. Prewitt, the program opened with the ensemble
singing of “America.” The vocal duet, “Tell Me,” by Mrs. T. L. Burnight and
Wayne Vargason; the reading, “Kit’s Caller,” by Miss Ruth Hauck; the
whistling solo, by Mrs. H. Shoulberg; the cornet solo, by A. L. Bennett, and
the vocal solo, by L. A. Douglass, were each of high merit and an encore was
responded to in every instance.

The piano accompaniment for the vocal numbers was rendered by Mrs. H.
Shoulberg, and by Mrs. A. L. Bennett for the cornet solo.

Lieut. Col. Frederick H. Roost and Capt. Carl R. Bosley, who came from Sioux
City to attend the meeting, were then introduced by Dr. Geo. Mattison.

Mr. Roost congratulated the service men upon the organization of a Post of
the American Legion, wherein all could meet and work on a common level and
without the distinction of rank entering in, to interfere with good

Mr. Bosley, who is connected with the Sioux City post, explained the
purposes and aims of the American Legion in a very comprehensive manner,
emphasizing the points that the organization is entirely non-political, that
its purpose is to instruct all young people of the land in patriotism, that
it stands for 100 per cent Americanism, and that it will with fidelity
promote the interests and rights of its members. Mr. Bosley made a strong
plea for the erection of a suitable and substantial memorial by the local
Legion post in honor of those who gave their lives in the service of their
country in the Great War.

Mr. Bosley then took charge of the organization of the Post and the
following temporary officers were elected to serve until the next meeting of
the Post about middle of November:
Post Commander—Dr. Geo. Mattison.
Vice Commander—Russell Pollock.
Post Adjutant—Arkie C. Hauck.
Post Financier—D. C. Morris.
Post Historian—Herman Koch.
Post Chaplain—Jerome E. Emanuel.
Executive Committee—Lyle Strong, Graydon Taylor, Roland Mellen, Earl Lias
and Mahlon Hauck.

The local organization will be known as Albert E. Hoschler Post, No. 186,
American Legion, in honor of the first Akron soldier who gave his life in
the A.E.F. in France, and will stand as a perpetual memorial to this valiant
young man. The Post starts with a membership of nearly 100, and new
applications for membership are coming in right along, so that a strong Post
is assured. The first year’s due of all members is free, the same having
been taken care of by funds raised at the Home-coming Celebration here
September 11 and 12. However, the local Post has decided to charge an
initiation fee for all members who join after January 1, 1920. Therefore
all persons eligible are urged to join here before this date. The charter
will be held open until the next meeting of the Post, so that all who apply
for membership in the meantime will have the distinction of being charter
members of Hoschler Post.