Co. K - 1917


LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel
March 27, 1917

Three Thousand People Were At the Union Depot
Bonfires, Music, Flags and Cheering of the Populace Greet the Returning
Members of Company K After Sojourn on Mexican Border

Nearly half the people in LeMars were at the station at 11:30 on Friday
night to welcome Co. K home from nine months service on the Mexican border.
The band and some thirty or forty citizens went down to Cherokee as an
advance guard of the welcoming party and when the train left Cherokee wired
LeMars to have the alarm given by the fire whistle and again as the train
left Marcus a second alarm was given that brought a large crowd to give the
boys an enthusiastic welcome home. The Sioux City companies were on the
same train and nearly one hundred citizens of that town came up as far as
LeMars to meet their soldier boys.

Upon arrival here the boys, after greeting relatives, fell in behind the
band and marched to the Armory where a lunch was ready for them and it was
long after midnight before the crowd dispersed.

All the boys are well and in as good physical condition as trained athletes
after their nine months training at Brownsville. They certainly do not
offer any argument against universal military training.

The welcome accorded the boys was most enthusiastic and they could not fail
to gather from it that LeMars was proud of her company and glad to welcome
them home. As the train came in from Cherokee one party of patriots large
and small had built a large bonfire alongside the track west of Oyens and at
eleven o’clock were out to greet with flags and cheers the soldiers who were
returning from service. It was a striking illustration of the spirit of the
country at the present time.

The following are members of Co. K who came home Friday. All are Plymouth
County boys except the three last named:
Captain—Jacob G. Koenig.
First Lieutenant—Wm. M. Rothaermel.
First Sergeant—Chris Koerner.
Mess Sergeant—J. U. Sammis.
Supply Sergeant—Chas. Ewin.
Sergeants—Leo Hodapp, Warren Lodge, Walter Held, R. S. Bowers, Lyle Board,
Harry Van deSteeg.
Corporals—Fred Eilers, Joe Sampson, Stephen Dier, Clarence McWorther, Albert
Ewin, Carlyle Kennedy, Harry Weagel, Wm. Jacobsen.
Cooks—Orville Tincher, Henry P. Marx.
Musician—Lisle Sexton.
Mechanic—Wm. Greeley.
Privates—Herbert Brown, Kenneth Clarke, Cecil Clarke, Mike Vokandis, T. R.
Strouse, Peter Shives, George Smith, Charles Kale, Raymond McCoy, Walter
Huxtable, Harold Collins, Luther Green, Nick Majeres, Hugo Peterson, Wm.
Pieper, John Witt, Lee Hoag, Oscar Chapman, Milton Fulghum.

The following were members of the company at the time it was called into
service or enlisted later and have since been mustered out:
First Lieutenant—J. C. Peterson.
First Sergeant—D. H. Vandermeer.
First Sergeant—Fred Nelson.
Sergeants—Wm. Forbes, Herman Becker, Homer Sampson, Chas. Lownsberry, Peter
Schmitt, Clyde Eastman, Clay Sexton, Randall Ivey, Garret Grahlman, John C.
Johnson, L. E. Cooper, Aloys Mathey, Reuben Fissel.
Corporals—Enoch Johnson, George Stephens, John Hart, Clay Butler, Albert
Bohlken, Wallace Kilker, Sumner Koch, J. V. Harker, Wm. Shoemaker, Norman
Redmond, George Lamb, John Shearon, Carl Schneider, Fred Hensler, Harold
Cooks—T. F. Davis, Roe Lobdell, Aubrey Ivey.
Musician—Art Hansen.
Mechanic—Art Ringer.
Privates—Gus Goebel, Ralph Parker, Joe Overman, Chas. Trueblood, George
Tattman, Jens Kloster, Walter Adler, Merl Roush, Charles Lamb, Oswald
Bartels, John Erdman, Homer Pattison, John Miles, Anton Jacobsen.



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