Le Mars Evening Sentinel, July 23, 1885


Plymouth County Men Still Living Who Fought for Their Country.

The 20th general assembly passed law requiring township assessors when
taking the census and assessment of '85 to take the names of all soldiers
and sailors who served in any of the wars of
the republic. His rank, company, regiment, time of service and post office
address was also to be noted. We present to-day the list as taken from the
books of several of the townships, and will continue them until all are
given. The enumeration is imperfect and we publish with the hope that those
whose names do not appear will report the same, so that they can also be
printed and then forwarded to the adjutant general. The record should be

Among those whose names do not appear in the completed list for Le Mars, we
note those of Messrs Emery, Hoyt, Alline, Joerndt, Struble, Haerling and
others. The list however is given as we find it in the books:


Weenick, Henry, corp., Co. C. 46 Ill., infantry.
Wison Henry C., corp., A. 187 Penn., infantry.
Messick Chas., private, 13 Ind., artillery.
Sparks Spencer N. private, A, 7 Mich., cav.
Clay E. C. private, battery M.1 Ill., artillery.
Myers Frank N. drummer.
Amos Franklin, 1st lient., H. 13 Iowa infantry.
Thompson, Jerry, private, 1 104 Ill., infantry.
Pauley E. J. corp., H. 11 Ill., inf.
McMahon Wm. corp, H, 25 Wis., inf.
Duncan Josephus F. engineer of the west.
Ragsdale G. II. corp. C. 13 Iowa inf.
Jackson James D., private, A 1 N. Y. cav.
Porter J. II., private K. 19 Maine inf.
Klise John W. corp., M. 7 Iowa cav.
Garner L. M. private, K. 6 Wis., inf.
Shaddinger Lewis, private, 104 Penn., inf.
Edmunds D. R. drummer, A. 35 Ky., inf.
Daniels Frank M. private, G. 4 Iowa cav.
McCartney James, private, K. 21 Iowa inf.
Fiest Bernhardt, private, A. 21 Ill., inf.
Round O. private, E.1 Mich., engineers.
Murray C. A. private, B. 105 Ill., inf.
Armstrong Platt, private, I. 26 Iowa inf.
Partridge J. H. sergt., K. 185 N. Y. inf.
Mickley Henry, private, 3 N. Y. art.
Dent, W. H. 1st lieut., I. 143 Ill., inf.
Garrison J. H. provost guard.
Ensminger, W. H. private, E. 135 Penn., inf.
Williams Thomas, private, D. 1st Ohio art.
Hammond Daniel, sergt., K. 36 Ill., inf.
Green James, private, B. 42 Ill., inf.
Sydenstriker C. A. S. private, G. 36 Ohio inf.
Commickel Henry, private, A. 7 Ill., inf.
Woolworth S. H. sergt., I. 51 Wis. inf.
Dungley C. B. private, A. 24 Mass., inf.
Swomley J. W. private, A. 1 Ohio cav.
Ward O. F. private, K. East Shore Md., inf.
Dalton P. F. lieut., H. III Ohio inf.
Stebbins A. C. sergt., K. 1 Wis., heavy art.
Bauerly Christian, corporal, B. 7 U.S. regulars, Mexican War, sergt., E. 20
Iowa inf., rebellion.
Tracy Thos, II. sergt., I. 8 Ill., cav.
Freeman W. S. bugler B. 8 Ill., cav.

Thompson John, lieut., D. 15 Ind., inf.
True H. H. private, D. 44 Wis. inf.
Price C. H. corp., I. 4 Wis., inf.
Brandon Albert, sergt., I. 25 Wis., inf.
Stowell C. S. corp., C. 29 Iowa inf.
Brandon Charles, private, I. 25 Wis. inf.

Whitney David, sergt., E. 36 Ill., inf.
Black A. hospital steward, 10 Minn., inf.
Severns Blair, hosp. steward, I. 126 Ill., inf.
Howder Henry, private, A. 47 Penn., inf.
Anderson C. 10 U. S. regulars, Mexican war.

Baker A. private, B. 2 Neb. cav.
Hughes J. B. private, A. 22 Iowa inf.
Webb F. J. private, 3 Iowa battery.
Moore H. private, B. 21 Iowa inf.
Sargent H. H. private, 4 Vt., battery.
Martin F. private, 17 Wis., inf.
McElhaney, private, 7 Iowa cav.


~Newspaper item transcribed and submitted for posting by Plymouth Co. Assistant Coordinator, Mary Holub




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