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Groom's Name / Age Brides's Name / Age Marr. Date Location Photo News/License
Talbot, Vernon Richards, Grace 17 Sep 1916    
Taylor, Wm. B. Kline, Katie 30 Mar 1893 Alta, Iowa  
Tesdell, Berent L. Tonsfeldt, Dora Nov 1909    
Theobold, Peter Goetzinger, Elizabeth lic issued: 24 Dec 1940 LeMars, IA  
Thill, Lawrence P. Sitzmann, Eva 26 Jan 1927    
Thompson, Abner E. Higday, Clara 28 Jun 1894      
Thompson, T. A. Crippen, Mable 14 Feb 1931    
Thorson, Edward O. Gadd, Ethel 15 Jun 1910    
Thurber, Herbert L. Bixby, Minnie G. 09 Sep 1902      
Tiesler, Fred D. Pape, Ella Viola 25 Nov 1914    
Tincher, Frank R. Nothem, Celia M. 07 Sep 1909    
Tindall, John D. Brown, Amy 28 Jun 1905    
Tindall, John D. Jones, Mrs. Ferne 12 Jul 1953    
Tindall, Richard Jones, Mildred 01 Jan 1931    
Tindall, Robert C. Salzman, Nina 09 Jun 1914    
Tindall, Stanley Kern, Lois I. 15 Sep 1944    
Todd, George Laude, Marjorie 20 Apr 1951 LosAngeles, CA  
Toel, Louis Beitelspacher, Louise 09 Nov 1941    
Tonjes, John Onken, Mary 11 Jan 1906    
Topf, Omer Deegan, Florence Apr 1926    
Tracy, James Thiel, Helen Jan 1931    
Trafford, Harry Szitnick, Otellia 29 Aug 1898    
Treptow, Carl W. (66) Gabel, Jessie (36) 22 Feb 1922    
Tridwell, Wm. F. Gammon, Mary E. 28 Feb 1891    
Tripp, Howard C. Steele, Isabelle 26 Aug 1890    
Trometer, Orval Thelmer, Louise Sep 1930    
Trometer, Peter (22) Knorr, Elizabeth C. (19) Jan 1910      
Troxell, Grant S. Doty, Laura E. 24 Oct 1889    
Tschampel, Harold Kehrberg, Ethel 14 Jun 1945  
Tucker, Andrew Rowley, Mary C. 20 Mar 1889      
Tucker, Archibald Ellis Redmon, Maude Lucretia 12 Feb 1901      
Tucker, Charles Raymond Dempster, Bertha Mae 25 Jul 1923      
Tucker, John Wiley Mammen, Elizabeth Johanna 23 Aug 1898      
Tucker, Loren Bryson, Clara 05 Mar 1902    
Tullis, Frank Beaulieu, Monica 17 Jan 1938 Merrill, IA    
Tullis, Frank Benjamin Anderson, Rose Christina 27 Dec 1909      
Tullis, John Burrill, Ida May 30 Jan 1900    
Tullis, Lowell O. Goudal, Miss 31 Oct 1953    
Tullis, William Van Dyke, Gertrude 27 Dec 1905    
Tuttle, Bob Hummel, Emma Jan 1899    
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