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Groom's Name / Age Brides's Name / Age Marr. Date Location Photo News/License
Raber, Ed Morehead, Nellie 18 Nov 1915    
Raetz, Fred Kirpes, Margaret 12 Jan 1916    
Ralston, Jess Armstrong, Eula 22 Dec 1923 Sheldon, Iowa    
Randolph, William F. Britton, Elizabeth M. 22 Feb 1888      
Rathbun, Wesley Boyer, Lelia 20 Jul 1897    
Reemts, Herman Witt, Minnie 18 Feb 1914    
Rees, Fred B. Penning, Lena M. 01 Jan 1908    
Rees, Thomas Lancaster, Margaret "Maggie" 15 Jul 1908    
Rees, William Detloff, Emma Mathilde 20 Feb 1906    
Reeves, Albert M. McQuirk, Margaret Ellen "Maggie"
21 Nov 1890      
Reeves, Clarence W. Bock, Mae Lillian 21 Feb 1931    
Reeves, Clarence Watson Engels, Katherine 09 Mar 1910    
Reeves, Ernest "Ernie" Osborne, "Dolly"
14 Feb 1934  
Reeves, Dr. J. L. McDonald, Mabel 18 Jun 1914    
Reeves, John H. Osborne, Harriet Sarah 17 Oct 1883      
Reeves, Paul Lobdell, Mrs. Freda 23 Oct 1940 Sioux City, IA  
Reeves, Watson Arthur Phillips, Rose Ellen 10 Jun 1914    
Reeves, Wilbert "Bert" Heemstra, Cynthia 09 Aug 1905  
Reeves, William J. Weber, Sarah 19 Dec 1900  
Reichling, Leonard H. Zenk, Mary Joanne 18 Jun 1947 New Ulm, MN  
Reimenschneider, August Bauer, Emma 16 Mar 1905    
Reinstoff, John Kossa, Mary 31 Jan 1894    
Reisch, Alfred P. Bohlke, Mary A. Feb 1927    
Reisch, N. A. Bohlke, Rose Feb 1922    
Reisch, Nicholas Turmes, Mary Nov 1909    
Reisner, Herman Bahmer, Elizabeth 21 Sep 1920    
Remer, Earl Bogenrief, Lila 20 Jul 1914    
Richters, Dick Henke, Martha Emma 22 Apr 1912 Dakota City, Nebraska  
Risenbank, C. S. Henderson, Helen M. 30 Apr 1919    
Riter, Eldon Schorg, Maybelle 05 May 1929    
Riter, Fred E. Eder, Marjorie 22 Jun 1935 Emmetsburg, IA  
Roach, Raymond Jackson, Clara 24 Jun 1912    
Roberts, Lewis Ries, Maud 01 Dec 1914 Sioux City, IA  
Robertson, George Tindall, Mary 27 Feb 1907    
Roggow, William "Willie" King, Ione G. 18 Jun 1925  
Rohland, Frank Blendel, Fanny 14 Jun 1892    
Rolfes, John Grossman, Katherine 18 Jun 1912    
Rolling, Leo Reistroffer, Rosalind 19 Jan 1927    
Root, Blaine Strader, Minnie 26 Feb 1913 Sioux City, IA  
Root, Robert Ross Montagne, Anna Mae 08 Feb 1910    
Rosburg, Gustaf (28) Erdmann, Annie (21) Jan 1910      
Ross, Charles P. Neary, Anna Margaret 27 Oct 1909    
Ross, Lorne Beaulieu, Helen 27 Nov 1936    
Ruble, James Cooney, Mrs. Florence 15 Jun 1907 LeMars, IA  
Ruble, John C. Hord, Mrs. Virginia 26 Jul 1916    
Ruppert, Peter McLain, Bertha 07 Dec 1897    
Rush, William C. Kusch, Esther L. Jul 1924    
Ryan, John T. Foulk, Jessie Mae 06 Jun 1906      
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