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Groom's Name/Age Brides's Name/Age Marr. Date Location Photo News/License
Pageler, John F. Johnson, Hannah 20 Jul 1892    
Pardee, C. L. Fairchild, Nellie 26 Nov 1890    
Parke, Fred Barber, Clara 08 Feb 1910    
Parkinson, Schubert Wedd, Ruth E. 31 Dec 1935    
Parks, Joe Hardy, Nellie Sep 1914    
Parks, Ronald Reeves, Mabel 17 Sep 1936    
Paulsen, Otto Hensen, Anna 03 Mar 1895 At Clinton  
Pavlik, Ed Givens, Marie 1926    
Penning, Isaac "Ike" Muffett, Maude M. 25 Jul 1900      
Penning, John F. Lancaster, Lulu 10 Jun 1908    
Penning, Nic J. Kirpes, Elizabeth 22 Jan 1924    
Penning, Vernon White, Ruth 07 Sep 1940    
Penning, Wayne Harker, Harriet 12 Jan 1936    
Penning, William A. Reeves, Bessie May 12 Jan 1916    
Perera, Frank Edward Augurie Wood, Marion Jan 1891    
Perrin, Charles Wallin, Mrs. Hannah 23 Jan 1913    
Perry, Joy Gaston, Rena 28 Jun 1916    
Peters, Charles Trometer, Mrs. Carrie Sep 1926    
Peterson, Earnest A. Lacroix, Kathryn E. Jul 1924    
Peterson, George Finnegan, Verna 07 Aug 1914    
Peterson, Henry Michel, Margaret 21 Apr 1923    
Peterson, Nels Kloster, Eliza 28 Nov 1916    
Pfeiffer, Henry J. March, Mary 14 Oct 1890    
Phar, Eugene Beaulieu, Josephine 18 Feb 1939 Sioux City, IA  
Philbrick, Vere Knoblauch, Mamie 27 Aug 1913    
Philips, Samuel Weinrich, Tena 18 Apr 1895    
Phillips, Lawrence Cox, Ella May 26 Dec 1924    
Pletschette, Peter Feller, Mary 01 Feb 1899    
Pollock, Max O. Seamands, Frances Pearl 12 Feb 1913    
Popken, George Kruse, Hilke 07 Dec 1899    
Popken, John G. Janssen, Katherine 27 Apr 1911    
Porsch, Will Richardson, Geneva 11 Dec 1935    
Port, Bert Barr, Zelma 18 Jan 1899    
Powers, Estill Binnebose, Wanda 14 Nov 1914    
Powers, James N. Sibley, Evangeline 04 Dec 1890    
Pratt, George Arthur (25) Conley, Mary Agnes (21) 18 Jan 1910 Kingsley    
Pratt, James Weathers, Gola 16 Dec 1914      
Pratt, William Begg, Hazel 15 Dec 1909      
Preston, Delmar E. (24) Curran, Ella (20) 30 Nov 1893 Sioux City    
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