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Groom's Name Brides's Name Marr. Date Location Photo News/License
Oaks, Arthur Hall, Fannie 08 Jun 1905    
Obermeyer, Jos. Haerling, Amelia 08 Jan 1895    
Obermire, Harvey Levins, Alice 24 Nov 1920    
Obermire, Ralph Ewin, Mary "Effie" 16 Feb 1898  
O'Connor, James Darville, Minnie Marion 08 Nov 1897      
Oetken, Elmer Doherty, Kathleen 05 Jun 1949 Craig, IA    
Oetken, Frank Renken, Minnie Jan 1907    
Oetken, Harry Grosenheider, Elsie 16 Dec 1932 Preston Twp    
Offerdahl, Rudolph Davis, Lillian 21 Oct 1914    
Olaff, Fred Carl Popken, Greta 29 Apr 1903 LeMars, IA    
Oliver, Donald F. Huff, Gladys 07 Jul 1932 Woodbury Co.  
Olson, William F. Olson, Miss Carrie 26 Nov 1891    
Oltmann, D. A. Wilson, Emma 06 Jun 1906      
Oltmanns, Henry J. Ommen, Anna 26 Feb 1925 LeMars, IA    
Orban, Alphonse J. Kamp, Rose Jan 1922    
Orban, Bernard Wilhelmi, Miss 05 May 1908    
Orr, Everett Hines, Mary 14 Feb 1917    
Ortman, Henry C. Dalhoff, Regina C. 25 Jun 1924    
Orton, John Swanson, Marie 14 Mar 1917    
Osborne, George Albert Berger, Mrs. Agnes Marie (Pech) 25 Aug 1920    
Osborne, John David Haviland, Edith Clara 13 Sep 1883      
Osmondson, J. O. Brehm, Carolyn 27 Aug 1913    
Osterbuhr, Otto Oltmans, Frances 05 Dec 1899    
Oswald, James Kohl, Bena 18 Mar 1903    
Otley, Frank Verhule, Katie 10 Feb 1892    
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