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Groom's Name/Age Brides's Name/Age Marr. Date Location Photo News/License
Jackson, Clarence Eason, Mary 28 Mar 1907    
Jackson, Elmer C. Eisenhower, May E. 24 Feb 1917      
Jacobs, Herman Jr. Hamilton, Elsie 01 Oct 1919    
Jahn, Carl Wetrosky, Luella 14 Jan 1940  
Jahn, Emil Wildman, Emma 12 Mar 1932  
James, Clayton Tullis, Lucille 25 Jan 1936      
James, Clyde K. Millner, Isabelle 02 Dec 1914    
Janssen, Dietrich H. Beitelspacher, Anna M. 12 Jan 1922    
Jauer, Emil Pape, Caroline Orlena 17 Dec 1913    
Jeffers, Frank E. Burwell, Margaret M. 17 Dec 1902    
Jeffers, George VanSant, Ethel Jul 1913 Baltimore, Md  
Jeffers, Lambert N. Douglas, Merna M. 20 Mar 1930    
Jeffers, Newton Faull, Nettie Roselle 07 Mar 1892      
Jeffers, William Isaac Hughes, Vera Alice 29 Dec 1915    
Jenkins, Zane D. Warner, Ethel E. 14 Jun 1917    
Jennings, Charles Larson, Bonnie Feb 1940 Sioux City, IA  
Jennings, George J. Kern, Mary June 01 Jan 1936  
Jennings, LeRoy Harris nee'Morehead Mrs. Ivy M.  
Jensen, Emil Clark, Fern 12 Sep 1914    
Jensen, Walter L. Fowler, Marjorie 25 Dec 1925 Sioux City, IA  
Johanning, Albert Vaske, Josephine 22 Nov 1898    
Johansen, Arnold Braband, Maxine 11 Aug 1947    
Johnson, Albert H. Douglas, Joan F. 01 Oct 1890      
Johnson, Andrew Bixler, Sereldia 21 Aug 1888      
Johnson, Harold Ross, Helen 07 Jun 1941

Nashua, IA - Little Brown Church in Vale

Johnson, Joseph A. Rasted, Anna 07 Sep 1894      
Jones, Rev. S. A. King, E. Ferne 01 Jun 1927 Adaville, IA
Junck, Henry Hansen, Frances 24 Nov 1915    
Junkins, James Fluck, Kate 29 Nov 1899    
Justman, Willie P. (21) Beck, Amelia (23) 1910      
Juzek, Charles Jr. Kelley, Margaret Mary 23 May 1923 Leeds, Iowa    
Juzek, Charles Jr. (31) Williams, Wilma nee' Lake (22) 29 Jan 1929 Elk Point, SD    
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