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Groom's Name Brides's Name Marr. Date Location Photo News/License
Gabel, Ernest Mann, Pearl 06 Feb 1907  
Gabel, George N. Taylor, Sarah Jane 15 Mar 1899    
Gabel, Glen Merideth Siebens, Rena Esdert 24 Aug 1938    
Gabel, James Koch, Lorena F. 22 Mar 1935    
Gabel, James Arthur "Art" Strader, Anna Laura 25 Nov 1908    
Gabel, John Franklin "Frank" Taylor, Mary Emma 14 Mar 1905    
Gabel, Merton Bohlken, Annie 06 Mar 1907  
Gabel, Michael J. Erbes, Bertha (August) 26 Oct 1924    
Gabel, Ralph T. Philips, Mildred M. 02 Mar 1935    
Gaden, John Cook, Antoinette 06 Apr 1910    
Gainor, Peter Keenan, Alice 10 Jan 1911    
Galbreath, William W. Middaugh, Etta 23 Dec 1889    
Galles, Alphonse Ludwig, Armelia "Millie" 15 Apr 1941 Remsen, IA    
Gant, Emmett Jerome Knittel, Elsie 05 Feb 1924 Merrill, IA  
Gant, Leonard Vincent Dennison, Cecilia 11 Aug 1917 Westfield, IA  
Gant, Stephen Andrew Lamoureux, Ella Ernestine 07 Jan 1929 Westfield, IA  
Gant, Thomas Bernard (24) Kinleyside, Ruth B. (23) 16 Jan 1926

Sioux City, IA

Gant, William Buroma Kinleyside, Edith Ellen 1924 Sioux City, IA    
Gant, William Dave Port, Beulah Rae 13 Apr 1948 Akron, IA    
Garlock, Roy H. Brown, Ethel J. 03 Sep 1914    
Garton, Charles Adamson, Cora 26 Nov 1890    
Garvey, John P. Hauswald, Emma 18 Sep 1937    
Garvis, Clarence M. Weidenfeller, Anna V. 13 May 1935    
Gee, Odus E. Smith, Mary Pansy 28 Aug 1917    
Gengler, Nicholas Arens, Cecilia A. 22 Aug 1911    
Ginsbach, Michael Steffen, Adaline 26 Oct 1909    
Goebel, John C. Haerling, Anna 06 Nov 1889    
Goerdt, Theodore Zenk, Mary 18 May 1920    
Golden, Raymond Wintz, Leona E. 02 Jun 1924    
Goslin, Don Klohs, Harriet 30 May 1948    
Gosting, Charles A. Root, Anna Faye 12 May 1913    
Gosting, William H. Alderson, Frances M. 25 Dec 1906    
Graham, Leo Crouch, Margaret 20 Aug 1924 Sioux City, IA  
Graham, Thomas Daniel Sweeney, Maggie Oct 1903  
Granger, Trumbull P. Barton, Mary C. 06 Aug 1894 Sioux Co. IA  
Granquist, Gust Sandvahl, Walda 08 Oct 1910 Sioux City, IA  
Grasz, Orval Baack, Jeanine 05 Dec 1948 Craig, IA  
Grau, Russell Rembe, Marjorie Oct 1939    
Grebner, Walter G. Burrill, Pearl Irene 27 Mar 1912  
Green, Schuyler C. Albro, Nellie G. 25 Oct 1888      
Groetken, Henry F. Franklin, Mary A. 31 Mar 1913    
Gronemeyer, Fred Jr. Marienau, Carolyn 18 Dec 1912 rural Ireton, IA  
Groves, Bert Smid, Jennie 28 Apr 1906    
Grubb, Harry Royer, Hazel 04 Jul 1924    
Gruenenfeldt, Otto C. Johnson, Amy Josephine 28 Feb 1912    
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