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Groom's Name / Age Brides's Name / Age Marr. Date Location Photo News/License
Faber, Frank Ley, Elizabeth 24 Jun 1912    
Faber, Ray Sauer, Collette 06 Jun 1927    
Fagan, Alan Leonard Gabel, Verna Ira 20 Apr 1925    
Fair, W. J. Dee, Miss Irene 22 Feb 1922 South Sioux City, Nebr.  
Fairchild, Lemuel Wilde, Anna 03 Jan 1894    
Farrell, P. Murray, Kate 25 Jan 1892    
Featherston, Elmer J. Dempster, Laura Jane 20 Mar 1924 LeMars, IA  
Featherston, Gregory Dempster, Mabel Belle 29 Dec 1915 LeMars, IA  
Feauto, Ambrose Buryanek, Anna 14 Feb 1916    
Feeney, Wm. Dugan, Mattie Oct 1891    
Feller, Henry Peters, Virginia 24 Feb 1897    
Feller, Joseph H. Hansen, Viola K. 05 Jan 1937    
Feller, Math Schroeder, Anna 17 Jan 1911    
Ferguson, John Wesley Kenniston, Hattie 24 Dec 1882 Plymouth Co.    
Figg, Dr. Robert M. Novotny, Josephine 31 May 1911  
Fineran, Michael Bernard Stinton, Mary S. 15 Feb 1926    
Fischer, Carl Weiss, Clara Jan 1922    
Flickinger, Elmer O. Stapleford, Pauline 11 Jan 1911 LeMars, IA  
Flynn, Orville J. "Irish" Dunne, Dorothy 08 Feb 1937    
Flynn, Raymond Buscher, Helen 26 Apr 1933    
Fluck, William Mueller, Ella Feb 1901 Hartley, IA  
Ford, Albert Schweppe, Annie 22 Oct 1889    
Forslund, Lee Ewin, Ruth 28 May 1949 Minden, Neb.  
Fortin, A. G. Brown, Eda May 1936    
Foster, Earnest O. Moore, Stella May 23 Mar 1903      
Foster, Frank Steele, Ruth 17 Sep 1893    
Foster, George Lancaster, Mary Jul 1898    
Foster, Dr. R.H. Corkery, Maud 01 Jun 1898    
Frager, Alfred Tullis, Clarissa A. 13 Jan 1887      
Frank, Clarence P. Strohbeen, Irma Jan 1922    
Frank, Michael Klostermann, Emma Nov 1912    
Frank, Michael Klosterman, Mrs. Mary 30 Apr 1949 Sioux City, IA  
Freeman, Will H. Drew, Hattie Jean 01 Jun 1899    
Frerichs, Edwin Herman Beeck, Ella Catherine 13 Oct 1938    
Freyer, Jessie VanVlack, Myrtle 15 Apr 1900    
Freymann, Vincent P. Berner, Ottillia 09 Aug 1920    
Friedmann, Raymond Britton, Ethel 04 Nov 1941    
Frisch, Thos. Eulberg, Maria Dec 1893    
Friske, Ed Huls, Ida 10 Jan 1917 Preston Twp    
Fry, William Alderson, Cora May

28 Jan 1903

LeMars, IA    
Fuchrman, Henry Peterson, Alice 08 Oct 1913    
Fuchrman, Paul Casper, Nellie 21 Oct 1913    
Fulton, Peter M. Jeffers, Lisa A. 08 Sep 1898    
Furr, Henry Day, Florence June 1912 Sioux City, IA  
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