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Groom's Name Brides's Name Marr. Date Location Photo News/License
Earnest, George Fred Galles, Katherine 21 Jun 1898    
Eason, Oscar Frerichs, Susan 30 Aug 1920    
Easton, George Richard Alderson, Ruth Luella 12 Jan 1898 Akron, IA    
Eberhard, John P. Tullis, Emma Ann 24 May 1893 Adaville, IA    
Edgar, Frank A. Waterbury, Mamie 07 Sep 1898 Tekamah, Nebr.  
Edwards, James Hallickson, Genevieve 30 Dec 1935 Sioux Falls, S.D.  
Edwards, Le Roy Russ, Mamie 18 Aug 1915 Sioux City, IA  
Eischen, Frank Mileabergh, Lena 09 Dec 1893    
Elder, George Walter Bohlken, Thelma Eloise 20 Oct 1945 Glendale, CA  
Eldridge, Ira E. Hinde, Mary E. 29 Nov 1917 Seney, IA  
Elliot, Harry W. Lakings, Ethel 24 May 1916 Ireton, IA  
Ellis, Dr. P. L. Huntly, Margarete 20 Jul 1915    
Ellis, Ray McCusker, Annie May 1908    
Emery, Arthur W. Darville, Ruth Victoria 12 Mar 1889      
Endorf, Walter Ideker, Vera 18 Aug 1946 Plymouth Co.  
Epling, Albert Albright, Elizabeth 22 Sep 1913    
Erb, Samuel H. Foft, Laura 16 Sep 1914 Kingsley, IA  
Erdmann, Bernard Allison, Arlene 26 Nov 1952 Neptune, IA    
Eves, Charles Wycoff, Fern Apr 1945    
Ewers, James Lloyd Burrill, Stella M. 17 Aug 1926 LeMars, IA  
Ewin, Charles E. Kennedy, Gladys L. 18 Sep 1921 Dakota City, Neb  
Ewin, Howard L. Reynolds, Marjorie 07 May 1935    
Ewin, Vernon C. Jones, F. Irene 09 Jun 1946 Independence, IA  
Eyres, A. Ernest Kohl, Bertha 26 Mar 1902 LeMars, IA  
Eyres, Calvin Dotzauer, Minerva 12 Aug 1920    
Eyres, Richard S. Kohl, Katie 05 Mar 1895 Union Twp  
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