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Groom's Name/Age Brides's Name/Age Marr. Date Location Photo News/License
Daley, Kenneth Miller, Barbara 17 Mar 1947 Las Vegas, Nev.  
Dalhoff, Joseph J. (35) Gladys Winifred Beaulieu (30) 18 Aug 1937 Sioux City, IA  
Dambrink, Dow Behrens, Rika 15 May 1912 LeMars, IA  
Danne, Gustave Bock, Matilda 11 Jan 1905    
Danne, William Kemnitz, Emma 23 Nov 1905    
Darville, Charles John Muffett, Laura 20 Nov 1895 LeMars, IA    
Darville, Harold Reid, Miss Opal 11 Aug 1926    
Darville, Henry William Coolbaugh, Edith 04 Dec 1892 LeMars, IA    
Darville, Leslie C. Kriebs, Ethel M. 14 Nov 1916    
Davidson, William Ward Eyland, Clara Margretta 14 Jul 1910    
Day, Daniel Hall, Sarah 15 Sep 1898 LeMars, IA - *res noted as Ponca, Neb.   Per her 1943 obituary
Day, Lyle Davis, Edith Mae 10 Nov 1938 LeMars, IA  
Dealy, Hugh Detloff, Mamie 31 May 1906 Sioux City, IA  
Decker, Fred Warnes, Helena 28 Jul 1892    
Decker, George Short, Miss Bessie 01 Jul 1913    
Deegan, Joseph F. Moir, Alice S. 08 Dec 1928    
Deitering, Joseph H. Deitermann, Mary 13 Jan 1920 Remsen, IA  
Deitering, Louis Deitermann, Elizabeth 10 Feb 1920 Remsen, IA
Deiterman, Barney Jr. Niehus, Mary 26 Jan 1909 Remsen, IA  
Deitermann, Henry Kirpes, Anna 24 Jan 1912 Remsen, IA  
Deitermann, John Henrich, Josephine 27 Apr 1920 LeMars, IA
Deitermann, Joseph Kirpes, Eleanor 28 Jan 1920 Remsen, IA
Deitermann, Peter Steichen, Sophia 27 Jun 1922    
DeJong, Conrad Aalfs, Dina 30 Jan 1893      
Delaney, J. R. Swain, Agnes May 1897    
Dempster, Henry Thomas Burrill, Mary Faye 20 Jan 1916 LeMars, IA
Dempster, James Wilder Alfred, Eva Vivian

05 Mar 1902

America Twp  
Dempster, William Henry Pollock, Lulu May 07 Dec 1910 Brookdale Farm, Plymouth Co.  
Dennler, Alvin Matthew Robertson, Margaret 02 Jun 1926    
Dennler, Frank Ellison, Miss Laura Nov 1915    
Dennler, Gustave A. Pollard, Josie B. 06 Aug 1893    
Determann, Franz J. Dreckmann, Catherina Maria 29 Apr 1902 LeMars, IA    
Deters, Charles Dreckmann, Annie May 1897    
Detloff, William J. Pech, Lydia May 09 May 1906    
Detloff, Edward F. Webber, Della E. 02 Jun 1910 LeMars, IA    
Diediker, Donald Buryanek, Vera 28 Aug 1952 Westfield, IA  
Dier, Frank McDuffie, Alice 27 Jun 1893    
Dier, Stephen Clarendon Gaynor, Miss Catherine 14 May 1921    
Dixon, Arthur Graham, Helen Sep 1935 Garretson, S.D.  
Dobbert, Lloyd Pearson, Mildred 02 Sep 1928    
Dommer, Herman (28) Gerdes, Amelia (18) 1910      
Donlin, Joseph Thomas Cook, Ethel Ferne 15 Feb 1922 Seney, IA  
Dorr, Lester E. Jackson, Jessie 15 Sep 1914 LeMars, IA    
Doty, John Warren Mann, Lillian M. 15 Jun 1892 LeMars, IA  
Douglass, Leo A. Webster, Helen Mae 27 Aug 1913    
Dreckman, Joseph Holzmann, Magdalen 21 Sep 1920    
Dunbar, Harold L. Quintal, Alice Jul 1924    
Dwyer, Will Brace, Alice 03 May 1910 Sioux City, IA  
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