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Groom's Name Brides's Name Marr. Date Location Photo News/License
Caffey, Creighton Kemp, Eunice 24 Dec 1935 Kimball, S.D.  
Callahan, Pat Kallsen, Phyllis 30 Nov 1944 Akron, IA  
Cameron, James McDougal McWilliams, Julia Ann 11 Dec 1894 Plymouth Co.    
Campbell, Allen McArthur, Sara 08 Dec 1886 LeMars, IA    
Campbell, Elmer F. Fursee, Mabel 06 Jan 1910    
Campbell, Samuel G. Dresser, Lottie M. Jun 1893    
Carey, Thomas E. Courtney, Mayme Agnes 25 Aug 1903    
Carlson, C. Julius Stewart, Miss Carrie 03 Dec 1913    
Carnes, Robert T. Holtgrew, Dorothy Mae 25 Nov 1952 Remsen, IA    
Carpenter, David Schrooten, Beulah 24 Feb 1909    
Carwell, Roy Brentsen, June 04 Jul 1938 Sioux Falls, S.D.  
Case, Thomas Rainboth, Frances Mar 1893    
Casler, William H. Hughes, Martha Alice 25 Mar 1903 LeMars, IA    
Casper, George Ideker, Elsie 04 May 1915    
Casper, Loren Mansfield, Arlene Jul 1945    
Cass, William Shirk, Miss Esther 15 May 1919    
Chambers, Robert Reeves, Jessie L. 06 Jun 1917 Seney, IA
Chambers, William E. Messex, Effie 06 Oct 1910 Sioux City, IA  
Chapman, Earl McArthur, Verna 23 Aug 1919  
Chapman, Elam Alderson, Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" 28 Dec 1893  
Chapman, Marion Siege, Sylvia 26 Nov 1935    
Chapman, Robert McNeal, Agnes 04 Oct 1941    
Christensen, Lyle Smith, Sara Ruth Apr 1926    
Church, James Eagan, Hannah 27 Dec 1882 Plymouth Co.    
Cisne, Will W. Adler, Carrie L. 06 Nov 1889    
Clarey, Edward C. Belt, Iva E. 09 Jan 1924    
Clarey, John McCorkell, Esther 24 Oct 1923    
Clarey, Richard Vondrak, Shirley 16 Aug 1953 Ft. Hood, TX
Clarey, Thomas F. Boden, Mary 26 Nov 1895    
Clark, Frank Dickerson, Helen 02 Sep 1914    
Clark, James Jenkins, Helen 01 Jul 1940 Cherokee, IA  
Clark, Wm. B. Ewin, Iona M. 27 Apr 1910 Corsica, So. Dak  
Clark, Wm. Franklin Bergfield, Beverly Mae 09 Aug 1934    
Clarke, Adam Burrill, Florence Ethel 20 Oct 1915    
Clarke, Henry Burrill, Eva Mae 11 Sep 1912    
Clausen, Don Braband, Bernice 25 Jun 1947 King Co., WA  
Claydon, Garfield Olson, Ida 20 May 1911    
Clayton, George Wells, Jenny 09 Sep 1890      
Clement, Theodore Stehr, Marie 23 Dec 1907    
Cliff, Ernest Jackson, Josephine Oct 1918 Sioux City, IA  
Cliff, Frank Murray Harker, Margaret 26 Jun 1926    
Cliff, James Pratt, Jennie 16 Jan 1915      
Coates, Frank Milburn Gabel, Opal Eunice 02 Apr 1938    
Cockrell, Eugene Kissinger, Connie Feb 1944    
Coffee, James Sinclair, Edith L. 11 Feb 1903 Armour, S.D.  
Colling, Peter Kranz, Mary 13 Feb 1901    
Collings, Thomas E. Cole, Maude 25 Apr 1921    
Collins, E. E. Yount, Clara Belle 29 Jan 1891    
Collins, Howard L. Foley, Myrna M. 09 Nov 1949    
Collins, James Poyzer, Laura Jan 1917    
Cook, Charles W. Reeves, Martha Jane 29 Dec 1892    
Cook, John Harley Porter, Mary Etta 01 Mar 1899    
Coolbaugh, Harry Morgan Freeman, Ella C. 20 Dec 1881      
Cooper, Orville L. Chapman, Fern Ruth 15 Feb 1928 Sioux Co.
Cornish, Byron H. Barr, Inez E. 25 Dec 1889    
Crary, Dr. Roy J. Kelly, Ruth 13 Feb 1925    
Criswell, Bert Charles Cook, Esther Leone 01 Dec 1915    
Criswell, Ervin Nelson, Betty Lou 01 Oct 1940    
Criswell, Wilbur Arthur Darville, Lila W. 22 Dec 1920      
Cross, Jessie R. Fry, Gladys M. 27 Nov 1913    
Crossman, William Zerable, Carrie 14 May 1912 LeMars, IA  
Crouch, James Washburn, Pearl 26 Nov 1924    
Crouch, Will S. Byrkitt, Mamie 09 Sep 1891    
Crowley, Joe Kirpes, Ruth 24 Jun 1942    
Crowley, LeRoy Slikkerveer, Jennie end of May or Jun 1924 Estherville, IA  
Crows, Lynn L. Riddle, Beulah R. Jul 1924    
Cummings, Glen A. Reeves, Vera Mae 11 Jun 1949    
Cutler, Ernest Harnack, Anna Mar 1920    
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