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Groom's Name Brides's Name Marr. Date Location Photo News/License
Aalfs, John W. Halversen, May L. 22 Oct 1914    
Abbott, Michael T. Sullivan, Annie 06 Feb 1901    
Abel, Bernard H. Kelliher, Catherine A. 23 Nov 1920    
Adams, Alex Allin, Ada M. 15 Jun 1892    
Adams, Arthur J. Ringsrud, Carrie 20 Sep 1913    
Adams, Barton A. Searls, Elizabeth 14 Feb 1911    
Adney, Thos. H. Langendorfer, Caroline 20 Sep 1893    
Aherns, H. C. Binert, Mina 20 Mar 1893      
Ahlers, Andrew Buckley, Angela 19 Jun 1934    
Ahmann, Clemens J. Kass, Elizabeth 14 Oct 1913    
Ahrendt, Carl Marienau, Katie Dec 1934    
Ahrendt, Frederick Cralmer, Gese 14 Mar 1893      
Akers, Forrest Anderson, Miss Arta 01 Jan 1929 Dakota City, NE  
Albright, Bill (W.S.) Fletcher, Mable 24 Nov 1913    
Alderson, James Knewstubb, Nannie 23 Dec 1882 Plymouth County    
Alderson, James Addison, Miss Olive 04 Jan 1899 Sergeant Bluff, IA  
Alderson, John T. Burrill, Emma B. 31 Jan 1927 Plymouth County  
Allen, Ralph Turton, Florence 26 Jun 1912    
Alsop, Charles Richard Brucher, Laura 21 Jun 1913    
Anderson, Alverd A. Chapin, Minerva E. 19 Mar 1913    
Anderson, Edwin Robinson, Julia 11 Feb 1913    
Anderson, Ole Kloster, Marie Feb 1921    
Anstine, George Knapp, Marion Bell 21 Mar 1893    
Anstine, Guy Walkup, Hazel 10 Mar 1915 Seney, IA  
Appley, Joseph Telford, Miss Mattie 22 Jan 1913    
Arens, Fred Schiltz, Susie Jan 1913    
Armbruster, Quentin Blenderman, Marguerite 08 Jul 1926    
Atkinson, Milton Edwin Gabel, Vera B. 09 Jun 1925 Sioux City, IA
Attrill, George E. Braun, Christina 12 Mar 1908 Plymouth County    
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