John David Tindall marries Amy Brown, June 28, 1905

Contributed by Nancy Yoder



Miss Amy Brown, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Brown and Mr. John
Tindall, all of Johnson township, were united in marriage at six
o'clock, on Wednesday evening, June 28, 1905, at the home of the bride's
parents.  The ceremony was performed by Rev. [the next line is continues].W. Swender, of Adaville, in the presence of
friends and relatives of the contracting families.  The bride was
attended by her sister, Alice Brown, and the bridegroom by his brother,
Adam Tindall.  Mrs. Pringle played the wedding march.  The parlors were
most beautifully decorated with roses, carnations and other flowers.  A
sumptuous supper followed the ceremony and the evening was devoted to
social merriment and enjoyment, and congratulations were heaped upon
those two young people.  They went immediately to housekeeping on the
groom's farm. 

They were the recipients of a number of pretty and substantial gifts.


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