Oscar C. Haviland marries Ethel Eva Nelson.........27 Jun 1900, Seney, Iowa

Contributed by Linda

(Linda's great grandmother attended the soon to be Mrs. O.C. Haviland.)


One of the most notable and beautiful weddings of the season
was that of Mr. Oscar C. Haviland and Miss Ethel E. Nelson both of this
place which occurred on Wednesday evening [June 27, 1900.]  Rev. W.B. Empey officiating.
The church was prettily decorated with plants, flowers, and trailing
vines utilized by many deft and loving hands.  Asparagus in long
feathery plumes covered the draperies, the chandeliers and filled every
corner with color and sweetness.  At the appointed hour as the first
strains of Mendelssoln's wedding march was sounded by Miss Selma
Nystrom, the bridal party made its way slowly to the church where the
relatives and friends of the couple were waiting.  From the chandelier
white and blue satin ribbons were drawn by Misses Mae Cutland, niece of
the bride, and Mae Osborne, niece of the groom, forming an arch through
which the young couple passed and took their place upon the white rug
before the minister and under the beautifully decorated arch, while over
their heads were suspended two hearts interlinked, which were made of
ferns and carnations.  In the quiet of the solemn moments words were
pronounced making them husband and wife.  Miss Ida Alderson was maid of
honor and W. D. Kennedy best man.  The ushers were Frank Becker,
Clarence Councilman, Bert Reeves and Will Moore.  The bride was
beautifully gowned in white silk mousseline de soi and lace, its rich
simplicity most becoming to the dainty auburn-haired bride.  She carried
a bouquet of bridal roses caught by long loops and ends of ivory ribbon.
The bridesmaid was artistically gowned in pale blue silk mousseline de
soi.  She carried a bouquet of carnations.  After the ceremony Mr. and
Mrs. Haviland received the hearty congratulations of those present, then
to the exultant strains of the march led the way out of the church to
the home of the bride's sister, Mrs. A. M. Cutland, where an elegant
supper was served with great celerity by eight young ladies gowned in
white.  The room was a marvel of floral richness of bands of white and
blue satin ribbon, ferns and flowers.  In the center of the tables were
beautiful bouquets resting on a mirror.  Following this the time passed
quickly in a general good time in viewing the extensive array of gifts.
The bride is a lovely young woman who has made her home with her sister
for the past five years and in that time has made many friends who will
miss her from social circles.  The groom has lived here many years and
his own large circle of friends attested to his many virtues and good
qualities.  He now occupies a farm in Fredonia township where they will
go to housekeeping at once.  May success and happiness ever attend them.




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