Plymouth County Farm Names
Le Mars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, Page 1, Le Mars, Iowa, June 19, 1914
Register Farm Names  
Fifty Seven Owners Have Named Their Places, Stock Farm is a Favorite
Many of the nomenclatures are suitable and express individualism and
characterization, while others are of a more fanciful nature.
Fifty seven farm[s] in Plymouth county have been named by their owners and
the names registered in the county recorder's office.  
The following is a list of the names with owners and their address.
Owner Farm Name
Adamson, Thomas, Le Mars. Ellendale
Ahlfs, Arnold, Le Mars. Morningside Stock Farm
Allison, John, Le Mars. Mount Pleasant
Anstine, E. F., Le Mars. Berrydale
Becker, John, Le Mars. Plymouth Beach
Blair, David, Kingsley. Blair Gowrie Stock Farm
Bock, Paul E., Hinton. Green Valley Stock Farm
Clark, G.A.C., Le Mars. Greenwood
Delahunt, M. J. Los Angeles. Riverside Farm
Dreckmann, F. J., Le Mars, Iowa Bow Valley Farm
Elliott, J. J., Le Mars. Rose Valley Stock Farm
Eyres, R. S., Le Mars. Sunny View
Farrell, Geo., Le Mars, Iowa. Evergreen Lawn Farm
Fry Estate, R. A., Granville. Imperial Stock Farm
Gill, Mary E., Merrill. Glenn-Dale
Gill, N. A., Le Mars. Woodbine Farm
Hartter, Andrew, Le Mars. Evergreen Hill
Hasbrook, W. B., Le Mars. Mapledale
Hawkins, R. A., Le Mars. Highland Farm
Herbst, Jacob, Remsen. Maple Grove Stock Farm
Hodgson, Robert, Le Mars. Ash Grove
Husted, H., Le Mars. Walnut Hill Farm
Jenkins, Sarah M., Westfield. Inglenook
Johnson, G. Emil, Akron. Lundville
Kannow, C. F., Hinton, Iowa. Honey Hollow Farm
Kilker, Wm., Le Mars. Plymouth Valley Stock Farm
Kloster, C. P., Remsen. Broadlane Farm
Laux, John S., Le Mars. Evergreen Farm
MacKinnon, Peter, Le Mars. "The Retreat"
Majeres, Nick H., Remsen. Pleasant Stock Farm
Marcue, Mary, Le Mars. Grand View
McArthur, D. S., Le Mars. Floyd Valley Farm
McCartney, W., Kingsley. The Old People's Home Farm
Miller, Emma, Merrill. West Grove Farm
Nitzshke, Herman, Kingsley. Cotton Wood Lane Grain and Stock Farm
Pearson, Ira D., Hinton. Oak Grove Farm
Reisch, Nick, Le Mars. Pleasant View Stock and Poultry Farm
Riemenchneider, A. F., Kingsley. High View Farm
Schneider, Grover C., Merrill. Floydview Farm
Sorensen, Niels, Le Mars. Oak Hill
Spaulding, E. H., Westfield. Ridgeview Stock Ranch
Stokes, A. T., Le Mars. Spruce Mead
Tonsfeldt, H. P., Remsen. Meadow View Stock Farm
Tritz, F. N., Remsen. Meadow Brook Stock Farm
Utech[sic], William, Le Mars, Iowa Woodlawn Farm
Warner, J. A., Le Mars. Sunny Slope

~Thanks to Mary Holub for her alphabetical list

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