LeMars, Iowa

BASEBALL -- played through the years in Plymouth County and NW Iowa.


Baseball field in LeMars-

LeMars Baseball team players in 1910:

~This picture was submitted by Sheryl Morace-Mikel. Can anyone help identify the men in this picture?

Hinton, Iowa, Baseball Team 1908-1910

Prairie Creek Baseball Team ~circa 1910

Team members from left are: Front row: Martin Trometer, Clyde Brown, Frank E. Baker

Middle row: Johnny Crouch, William Berger, unidentified, Ollie Harrison

Back row: Stuart Crouch, Perry Baker, Mort Bristow

~submitted by Bob Jacoby

Struble Canaries ball team, circa 1910

Ed Riter, Manager

Can anyone help identify these people?

Ed Riter, the Manager, is the man in the 2nd Row, the third visible from the right, wearing a hat & open coat. [Thanks to Russ Riter for this photo with Ed Riter's identification.]

Elmer Herman is in the ball player in the 2nd Row, fifth visible from the right, wearing a coat with a white collar & white buttons. [Thanks to Janis Taberna for identifying her grandfather, Elmer Herman.]

LeMars Sentinel
Tuesday, March 11, 1913
Meeting To Be Held In This City
Eight or Ten Clubs Where Fast Amateur Bill is Played May Join Together and
Form Northwest League for Coming Season.
This fine spring weather makes the heart of baseball fans turn towards
thoughts of the greatest of all games, and local fans are already debating
as to what kind of a team LeMars is going to have the coming season.
Prospects for a good ball team in LeMars this summer are bright and already
a number are interested in getting this in shape.
Harry Gaspar, of National League fame, is going to stay in LeMars this
summer at his photograph business, but will be able to give some of his time
in support of a local team. A number of players who were on the team last
summer will play again and there are several promising youngsters who are
coming up for places on the team.
A number of baseball fans in this section of the country are discussing the
formation of a northwestern league to comprise eight or ten towns where
baseball is appreciated and supported. The following towns are mentioned as
thinking of joining in the proposed league. They are Remsen, Marcus,
Cherokee, Aurelia, Moville, Hinton, Anthon, Seney, Sioux City, Onawa and
A meeting of representatives from these towns will be held in LeMars on
Tuesday, March 25th, and prospects discussed as to the formation of a
northwest Iowa league. If the deal goes through a schedule will be made up
between the clubs and a good season’s ball assured.
Work will be begun on the home grounds at Athletic Park this week. The
grounds and diamond will be put in shape. The diamond will be graded up
this spring and leveled properly to do away with the wet place around second
base which proved a bugbear so many times in rainy weather the past two



LeMars Baseball Team ~circa 1915-1920

~Submitted by Linda Ewin Ziemann -- it is likely that this is a picture of the LeMars team sometime after WWI. The player (center back with the X above his head) is my Grandfather, Charles E. Ewin. Another note--one of the players in the back row is wearing a jersey marked with the town name of Seney. All the small towns in the area had baseball teams.

~Janis Taberna has identified her Grandfather, Elmer Herman, as the player in the front row, far left with the Letter L on his hat.

***History about the SENEY team below. If anyone can identify the men in the picture directly above as any of these men listed below, please let me know by email to Linda Ewin Ziemann. Thanks.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, May 24, 1912

SENEY: The boys of Seney and vicinity have organized a ball team and have also
received new suits of grey with blue trimmings and are expecting to do some
good playing this summer. They are putting all their spare time practicing.
They have a game scheduled with Alton boys Friday afternoon at Alton and are
planning on a big game with Fredonia boys on their home grounds Decoration
Day. The members of the team are: Ira Lancaster, Capt.; John Keizer,
manager; Chas. Ewin; Earl Morrissey; Mit Lancaster, Fred Rees, Will and
Henry Penning, Frank Falk, Will Jeffers and Nic Holster. Boost for the home
boys and give them all the encouragement you can in their undertaking.

LeMars Baseball 1933

~Notes: LeMars Baseball 1933-- The young man 2nd from the right in the front row is Milt Dreckman. The Farm Bureau held baseball tournaments each summer. The townships in Plymouth county fielded individual teams and this one is believed to have represented LeMars. Their might be a Masuen on this photo, too. Not sure which of these guys he is, though. Milt was born in 1916, so he would have been 17 on this picture. Anyone out there able to help with more identification of the guys in this photograph?

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