Some Plymouth County Fun!

The 22nd Barn Quilt
 in Plymouth County “QUILT RAISING”
TIME:  Scheduled for 9:00 A.M.
26705 170TH St. LeMars, IA

We want to thank Northwest Iowa Rural Electric for raising
our family barn quilt free of charge.

We also thank the Plymouth County Barn Quilt Comm. for their dedication to this tourism attraction for Plymouth County.   Name of quilt block:  “From There to Here."

Our barn quilt is celebrating our ties to rural life heritage by highlighting the following design:

The German Flag, which represents Peter Reese (my Great Grandfather) (just for fun - notice the 4 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups in the design) who emigrated from Germany in about 1874.  It has been a conquest to learn about Peter’s genealogy.  In 1883 he purchased 160 acres from the Iowa Falls and Sioux City Railroad for $1,120 or $7.00 an acre. From information in his obituary Peter must have been a very good business man. It states that he was a successful farmer and cattle raiser, and a careful speculator, his ventures being crowned with success.

The symbolism of the American Flag refers to the rays of sunlight (stripes) and that the stars refer to the heavens, the highest place that a person could reach.  Peter had his sights set on the American dream in the stripes and stars.  He attained his goals. 

Looking backward and forward is the Heart of a historian, and a genealogist, too.  We are thankful for our heritage and that the family farm has been in the family for 126 years.  It is with great interest that our daughters have designed this barn quilt and anticipate that the farm will stay in the family for many generations to come.  What we have learned from our ancestors has brought blessings and strengthened our family ties. Please feel welcome to come and visit and view the quilt anytime.                        

Please feel free to come by and view the quilt at any time. ~Vern & Karen Harrington & family

**We took the Harrington's up on their offer to come and view their barn quilt. It is amazing and so beautiful! My friends and I enjoyed the barn quilt, took photos and will share them here. At the time we visited, the Harrington family was on vacation. Looking forward to seeing you next time. -- Your friend, Linda Ziemann, Plymouth Co. site coordinator June '09


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