Plymouth County Pictorial History Book

Authored by Linda Ewin Ziemann, the Plymouth County IA GenWeb Coordinator


Softbound, Excellent paper quality
128 pages--Over 200 photographs
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P6, Acknowledgments
The idea of this Plymouth County pictorial history book project appeared to be an impossible task to accomplish sitting at my computer in my home in north Texas. I began making telephone calls and sending emails requesting advice and assistance. The book has become a reality because so many dear friends and dedicated folks have answered my call for help.

Huge thanks goes to the Plymouth County Historical Museum in LeMars, Iowa. Many of the vintage photographs were located in the archives at the museum during several visits that I made to LeMars this year. I am indebted to the museum staff for allowing the loan of photographs for scanning. Thanks to my friend, Mary Holub in LeMars, for her diligence in scanning the pictures, and for keeping an eye pealed for good photographs as the months passed. She found pictures, scanned them and placed them on a flash drive, and mailed it to me in Texas.

I am grateful, also, to Vernon and Karen Harrington of Plymouth County. They provided the original photograph to the publisher for scanning and use for the cover page. The Brunsville Booster photograph was found in the personal Harrington collection.

One of my former classmates from the Class of ’66, at LeMars High School has also been diligent with wonderful ideas and photographs to consider. Tim Tone deserves more than honorable mention. Tim came through with another flash drive in the mail and fabulous images. Tim’s sweet ninety-one year old mother, Dorothy Locer Tone, also provided some help with detail and identity. 

There are many others who sent photographs and offered help. Their names will be in parenthesis behind each photograph and caption on the pages of this book. I thank you one and all.

A special thanks, also, to my husband and family for seeing me through this book project process. My eighty-four year old Dad, who was raised in Plymouth County, endured my questions and always came through with answers.

God bless each of you as we look forward to the future and treasure the past! This book is dedicated to anyone who has ever called Plymouth County, Iowa, his or her home.



Following is the text on page 61 of the book--this explains the history of the cover photo:

The Brunsville Boosters 1914

The Brunsville Boosters (cover photo) pose playfully for this fabulous group photograph  in 1914, at the Nic Molzen farm, five miles west of Brunsville, Iowa. A brass and drum band appear to be the core group standing in the center of the photograph. Other members of this booster delegation pose in the picture with grins and antics. Especially interesting is the young man seated on the ground, center right. Careful investigation reveals a watermelon rind sticking out from under his cap. The cars are adorned with American flags. Louie Borchers is identified as the booster member who is standing high on the hood of one of the cars, waving a flag vigorously. Henry O. Jelken is standing center photo holding the big bass drum. All evidence from the picture lend to the idea that the Boosters were getting ready to participate in a local 4th of July celebration parade in their hometown of Brunsville, Iowa. (Courtesy Vernon and Karen Harrington.)


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