~Source: 1921 Atlas of Plymouth County (hard bound, red color)

The American Trust & Savings Bank, LeMars, Iowa

Plymouth County Savings Bank, LeMars, Iowa

Plymouth County Abstract Co., LeMars, Iowa
M. Clarke-Wooley, Secr. & Manager; Organized in 1897

LeMars Savings Bank, LeMars, Iowa
M. Kass, President; John Beely, Vice-Pres.; J.A. Cook, Cashier; P. Traufler, Assist. Cashier; J.M. Kass, Assist. Cashier

First National Bank, LeMars, Iowa
E.A. Dalton, President; G.L. Wernli, Vice-Pres.; J.A. Hoffman, Vice-Pres.; R.B. Dalton, Cashier; C.L. Eastman, Assist. Cashier; J.M. Hayes, Assist. Cashier

The LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel
Jas. C. Gillespie, Publisher
LeMars, Iowa

Plymouth County Farm Bureau, LeMars, Iowa

Herbert S. Martin, Attorney
(City Attorney) LeMars, Iowa

J.T. Keenan, Attorney-At-Law
LeMars, Iowa

Roseberry & Roseberry
Attorneys At Law
LeMars, Iowa

Lampert Lumber Co., LeMars, Iowa
R.L. Budde-Manager

The Veale Lumber Co., LeMars, Iowa
F.K. Veale, President; W.K. Veale, Secry & Mgr.

M.A. Moore Co.
LeMars, Iowa

LeMars Loan & Trust Co., LeMars, Iowa
Martin Schafer, President; J.F. Schafer, Vice-Pres.; Wm. J. Schafer, Secry-Treas.

Geo. W. Sturgis, Attorney At Law
LeMars, Iowa

Community Hospital
Miss Clara Schweiger, Superintendent
109 1st Ave. NW, LeMars, Iowa

Hentges Clothing Co., LeMars, Iowa
Hentges Shoe Co., LeMars, Iowa

Beely’s Furniture and Undertaking
LeMars, Iowa

Geo. E. Pew Company, LeMars, Iowa
Geo. V. Pew, President; H.R. Pew, Treas.

Jacob G. Koenig & Co., LeMars, Iowa

Adrian L. Bowers, Realestate & Loan Agent
LeMars, Iowa

Christ. W. Miller & Co.
LeMars, Iowa

Farmer’s Elevator Co-Operative Co.
Theo. Langle, President; Jas. Keenan, Secr.; Board of Directors: Theo. Langle, Ralph Schrooten, Anton Meis, Jas. Keenan, Frank Dreckman

Wiltgen’s Funeral Directors—Art Store
LeMars, Iowa

F.J. Smith Real Estate
LeMars, Iowa

Herbert D. Haas, Real Estate & Insurance
LeMars, Iowa

Burg’s Dry Goods, LeMars, Iowa

Square Deal Store, LeMars, Iowa
Jos. Levinson, Prop.

Koenig-Brothers Hardware Co., LeMars, Iowa

F.A. Berner, Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry
LeMars, Iowa

Sartori Drug Co., Inc. LeMars, Iowa

Gateway Nursery Co., LeMars, Iowa

Evans & Jones, Watchmakers, Jewelers and Optometrists
LeMars, Iowa

Geo. W. Koenig, Ph.G
The Real Druggist
LeMars, Iowa

Spotts & Post Druggists, LeMars, Iowa

J.W. Blackburn, Dry Goods, Rugs, Millinery and Ready-to-Wear
LeMars, Iowa

Hansen-Kaun Hardware Co., LeMars, Iowa

Sjostrom Brothers, Wholesale Dealers and Brokers in Butter, Eggs, Poultry, Potatoes, Apples, Feed Flour, etc
LeMars, Iowa

J.P. Poeckes—Window Shades, Glass, Room Moulding, Decorating, Wall Paper, Paints, Oils, Colors, Stains, Varnishes, & Brushes
LeMars, Iowa

Mertes Electrical Works
N.J. Mertes
LeMars, Iowa

Thoma Grocery Co., LeMars, Iowa

Meis Cash Market, LeMars, Iowa

R.E. Stebbins—Dealer in Wall Paper, Paints, Glass, etc.
LeMars, Iowa

Consumers Electrical Company
LeMars, Iowa

Round Oak Heating Co., LeMars, Iowa

R.J.M. Long for Quality Groceries
LeMars, Iowa

Sauer’s Market, LeMars, Iowa

Ideal Tobacco Co., LeMars, Iowa
Hart & Dorr, Proprietors

Grimes’ Summer Resort
Bathing, Boatin, Fishing and Dancing
1 Mile N.E. of LeMars, Iowa

Fickey Motor Co., LeMars, Iowa
Authorized Ford, Fordson, and Lincoln sales and service

Muecke’s Service Station, LeMars, Iowa
Frank Muecke, Prop.

Hirsch Bros. – Buick Cars
LeMars, Iowa

J.A. Dixon & Son
Overland and Willy’s Knight Cars
LeMars, Iowa

Louis D. Christianson, LeMars, Iowa
Dealer in Hupmobile cars, Firestone Tires and National Oils

Nicholson Motor Co., LeMars, Iowa
Chevrolet and Nash cars

LeMars Tire Hospital, LeMars, Iowa
C.P. Kistle & M. R. Kanago, Props.

Standard Oil Co., LeMars, Iowa
R.D. Sherman, Agent

LeMars Auto Salvage Company
LeMars, Iowa

“Exide” Batteries, LeMars, Iowa

American Oil Co., LeMars, Iowa
H.J. Butler

Plymouth Dry Cleaners, LeMars, Iowa
R.L. Claussen, Prop.

American Café, LeMars, Iowa
Peter S. Bell, Prop.

LeMars Cleaning and Dyeing Works
J.D. Shumway, Prop.
LeMars, Iowa

More Mileage Tire Co., LeMars, Iowa
C.P. Jensen

The Best Battery Station, LeMars, Iowa
Glen Winders, Proprietor

Boston Café, LeMars, Iowa

Palace of Sweets, LeMars, Iowa

The First National Bank, Remsen, Iowa
W.J. Kass, President; F.G. Meinert, Vice-Pres.; W.G. Sievers, Cashier; C.J. Ahmann, Asst. Cashier; S.R. Nothem, Teller

First Trust and Savings Bank, Remsen, Iowa
James F. Toy, President; L.H. Harnack, Vice-Pres.; Frank Spiecker, Cashier; F.J. Lorge, Assit. Cashier

Farmers Savings Bank, Remsen, Iowa
Theo. Sudtelgte, President; Joseph Ahmann, Vice-Pres.; R.E. Courson, Vice-Pres.; F.C. Sterns, Cashier; Bernard Bohlke, Asst Cashier

J.P. Beck Company, Remsen, Iowa

Farmers Co-Operative Co., Remsen, Iowa
Henry Fromme, President; Herman Johnson, Secry-Treas.; G.A. Null, Manager

Nothem Furniture Store, Remsen, Iowa

The Remsen Lumber Company, Remsen, Iowa
C.W. Brotherton, Manager

Mathew R. Faber, Investment Banker
Remsen, Iowa

Groth Motor Co., Remsen, Iowa

Plymouth County Bank, Oyens, Iowa

Oyens Lumber Company, Oyens, Iowa
W.G. Bolser, President; F.D. Moore, Vice-Pres.; Chas. Kuster, Secy & Manager

Struble Lumber Co., Struble, Iowa
H.F. Ahmann, President; F.D. Moore, Vice-Pres.; F.A. Post, Secr.; M. Cunningham, Treas.

The Seney Lumber Co.
W.E. Hennrich, Manager
Seney, Iowa

The First National Bank of Akron
James F. Toy, President; Frank Wakeman, Vice-Pres.; H. Shoulberg, Vice-Pres & Cashier; H.H. Wetzeler, Asst Cashier; Directors: James F. Toy, Frank Wakeman, H. Shoulberg, T.L. Burnight, Reese Harris
Akron, Iowa

Akron Savings Bank, Akron, Iowa
C.G. Brady, President; B. Ross, Vice-Pres.; E.H. Youngstrom, Cashier; A.R. Buswell, Asst. Cashier

Redmond Bros. Real Estate, Loans & Insurance
M.W. Redmond – T.J. Redmond
Akron, Iowa

Akron Lumber Co., Akron, Iowa
Ed Ziegler, Manager; Orlan C. Moore, Asst. Manager

Chatsworth Savings Bank, Chatsworth, Iowa

Farmers Grain Co., Akron, Iowa
F.F. Kerr, President; E.A. Hultgren, Vice-Pres.; Wm. Manning, Secr.; T.C. Squires, Treas; F.J. Swanson, General Manager; R.L. Bly, Mgr. Lumber and Coal Dept.; A.A. Manning, Mgr Grain and Livestock Dept.

Akron Buick Auto Co., Akron, Iowa

Swenson Garage, Akron, Iowa

Akron Electric Co., Akron, Iowa

Bank of Brunsville, Brunsville, Iowa
Ihnke Harms, President; W.G. Bolser, Vice-Pres.; H.J. Harms, Cashier; F.H. Dickman, Asst. Cashier

Craig Savings Bank, Craig, Iowa

The Farmers Savings Bank, Craig, Iowa

Jack Buhmann, Brunsville, Iowa
General Repair Work, Accessories, Gas and Oil

Brunsville Garage, Brunsville, Iowa
Johnson O. Frerichs, Proprietor

Farmers Bank, Brunsville, Iowa

Craig Lumber Company, Craig, Iowa
M.A. Moore President; F.D. Moore, Vice-Pres.; John H. Schmidt, Sec. & Mgr.

Bank of Westfield, Westfield, Iowa
Frank P. Mills, President

O.C. Brown & Son Garage, Hinton, Iowa

S.H. Bowman Lumber Co., Hinton, Iowa
C.L. Bristow, Manager

Farmer’s Co-Operative Company
O.D. Harrison, Manager; L.F. Winter, President; P.E. Held, Secr.; George Bender, Treas.
Hinton, Iowa

Joyce Lumber Company, Kingsley, Iowa
R.F. Arms, Manager

Hodgen Motor Co., Kingsley, Iowa
Delbert Hodgen, Prop.

The Kingsley Lumber Company
Geo. J. Knapfl, President; W.T. Campbell, Treas.
Kingsley, Iowa

The Kingsley Bank, Kingsley, Iowa
Geo. H. Phelps, President; John B. Phelps, Vice-Pres.; D.A. Oltmann, Cashier; Geo. A. Phelps, Asst. Cashier

Bank of Kingsley, Kingsley, Iowa
R. Payne, President; E.M.B. Payne, Vice-Pres.; W.R. Payne, Cashier; E. Southwick, Asst. Cashier

G. & M. Repair Shop, Kingsley, Iowa
F.T. Greenwood, Prop.

First National Bank, Merrill, Iowa
J.T. Metcalf, President; George Raw, Vice-Pres.; Fred Aldrich, Vice-Pres.; H.C. Brown, Cashier; Geo. W. Simpson, Asst. Cashier; Miss Bernice Elskamp, Asst. Cashier

S.H. Bowman Lumber Co., Merrill, Iowa
Fred Hammond, Manager

Lampert Lumber Co., Merrill, Iowa

C.T. Norton, Automobiles, Tires, Accessories
Merrill, Iowa

Erick P. Lippke, Livestock and Real Estate
Merrill, Iowa

Labahm Bros. Garage, Merrill, Iowa

Corl Motor Co., Merrill, Iowa
Frank E. Corl