Directory of Leading Farmers
of Plymouth County from the
Plymouth County Atlas
Westfield Township
July 1, 1906

Submitted and typed by Scott Larson and Nicole L. Larson

Anderson, John Akron
Amundson, John Westfield
Amundson, Ed. Westfield
Amundson, Carl Westfield
Broberg, Emil Westfield
Brownawell, W.H. Westfield
Buryanak, Frank Akron
Buchter, Sam'l Westfield
Calhoon, Albert Akron
Cilley, R.H. Westfield
Clarey, T.F. Akron
Connolly, D.F. Westfield
Connolly, Johanna Westfield
Erks, Herman Akron
Gardner, I.W. Akron
Jammerthal, C.F. Akron
Jammerthal, Aug. Akron
Lias, G.H. Akron
Lias, Henry Akron
Martin, Catherine Westfield
Martin, A.A. Westfield
Martin, T.J. Westfield
Meyer, Frank Akron
Morehead, H.B. Akron
Neunaber, H.B. Akron
Ogden, L.R. Akron
Ogden, Jr. R.B. Akron
Ogden, Sr. R.B. Akron
Ostrom, Ernest Westfield
Onnen, Chris. Westfield
Patterson, J.W. Akron
Pallutz, Wm. Westfield
Pelroy, Jos. Westfield
Scanlan, D.L. Westfield
Scott, Sadie M. Westfield
Smith, J.B. Akron
Smith, J.H. Akron
Sparling, S.M. Westfield
Sparling, Edith B. Westfield
Spaulding, E.H. Westfield
Taylor, L.F. Akron
Taylor, James Westfield
Thorne, W.E. Akron
Tucker, Eli Akron
Tucker, W.P. Akron
Van DeBraak, Evert Akron
Van Buskirk, Wm. Akron
Welch, Wm. Westfield
Welch, Ed. Westfield
Willer, Henry Akron
Willer, Hans Akron

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