Directory of Leading Farmers
of Plymouth County from the
Plymouth County Atlas
Sioux Township
July 1, 1906

Submitted and typed by Scott Larson and Nicole L. Larson

Banks, R.A. Westfield
Banks, J.F. Westfield
Brown, Sanford Westfield
Cassen, T.B. Westfield
Cassen, J.F. Westfield
Chase, L.V. Millnerville
Codd, H.G. Westfield
Coleman, Patrick Westfield
Conway, John Westfield
Conway, G.J. Westfield
Conway, J.R. Westfield
Denison, Thos. Westfield
Derocher, Frank Merrill
Dormandy, Peter Westfield
Dreeszen, H.F. Westfield
Erichson, Aug. Westfield
Feanto, Ed. Westfield
Fursee, Alonzo Westfield
Fursee, Jonas Westfield
Fry, Alfred Westfield
Gant, Patrick Westfield
Grant, F.E. Westfield
Hoffman, Chas. Westfield
Hunter, Wm. Westfield
Hunter, Dale Westfield
Knapp, C.L. Westfield
Knapp, N.R. Westfield
Lias, C.R. Westfield
Lilly, S.P. Westfield
Lilly, J.L. Westfield
Mass, E.W. Westfield
Main, G.B. Westfield
Mathwig, Kate Westfield
Maynard, O.R. Westfield
Moffatt, M.F. Westfield
Mills, M.F. Westfield
Mills, Frank Westfield
Millner, W.B. Westfield
Mulheron, Lawrence Westfield
McCarty, Thos. Westfield
Nason, Albert Westfield
Nason, J.H. Westfield
Nason, Thos. Westfield
Pike, C.C. Westfield
Pike, J.W. Westfield
Prather, L.L. Westfield
Pullen, Dick Westfield
Steessy, Casper Westfield
Tracy, Jas. Westfield
Tracy, T.A. Westfield
Tracy, W.J. Westfield
Taylor, E.T. Westfield
Williams, Carl Westfield

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