Directory of Leading Farmers
of Plymouth County from the
Plymouth County Atlas
Remsen Township
July 1, 1906

Submitted and typed by Scott Larson and Nicole L. Larson

Anderson, P.J. Remsen
Arens, Peter Remsen
Baune, Henry Remsen
Bohnenkamp, F.J. Remsen
Born, Claus Remsen
Bohlke, Jos. Remsen
Budde, S.H. Remsen
Bunkers, B.H. Remsen
Colling, J.P. Remsen
Dalhoff, Anton Remsen
Day, Wm. Remsen
Day, F.M. Remsen
Davis, O.W. Remsen
Diekmann, F.B. Remsen
Diegel, E.F. Remsen
Dorr, Jr. John Remsen
Door, P. Remsen
Dorr, Henry Remsen
Edwards, Chas. Remsen
Edwards, Wm. Remsen
Erichsen, Detlef Remsen
Feller, Henry Remsen
Frank, Nicholas Remsen
Funfsien, John Remsen
Galles, J.W. Remsen
Gaden, Henry Remsen
Gebhart, B. Remsen
Hansen, Gustaf Remsen
Harnack, H.H. Remsen
Harnack, L.H. Remsen
Harnack, J.F.C. Remsen
Heinis, Jos. Remsen
Heurtz, Nicholas Remsen
Hoffman, John Remsen
Huwe, Bernard Remsen
Hughes, P.H. Remsen
Jetting, Herman Remsen
Lammers, Rudolph Remsen
Lang, Rudolph Remsen
Lang, Wm. Remsen
Lampert, Anton Remsen
Lampert, Jos. Remsen
Letsche, Jacob Remsen
Mai, Barney Remsen
Mensen, Albert Remsen
Merges, Sebastian Remsen
Miller, Thos. Remsen
Millenkamp, Wm. Remsen
Muller, Elizabeth Remsen
Mullong, Henry Remsen
Nagle, Mrs. M. Remsen
Neihaus, Elizabeth Remsen
Peters, H.J. Remsen
Peters, Frank Remsen
Pieper, Catherine Remsen
Pick, Jacob Remsen
Raun, James Remsen
Reker, Henry Remsen
Reker, Jos. Remsen
Reker, Frank Remsen
Rosburg, C.L. Remsen
Scharff, P.F. Remsen
Schorg, Henry Remsen
Schulte, L.H. Remsen
Schneider, John Remsen
Stoeber, Barney Remsen
Thiel, John Remsen
Tregonig, Henry Remsen
Van Derwall, John Remsen
Van Derwall, Geo. Remsen
Wagner, Frank Remsen
Wagner, Wm. Remsen
Wilberding, Anton Remsen
Zenk, Paul Remsen

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