Directory of Leading Farmers
of Plymouth County from the
Plymouth County Atlas
Portland Township
July 1, 1906

Submitted and typed by Scott Larson and Nicole L. Larson

Agnes, M.A. Akron
Bolmer, Frank Akron
Bohlken, Siefke Hawarden
Burnight, Sr. John Hawarden
Byrne, Geo. Akron
Coyle, J.E. Hawarden
Crow, W.W. Akron
Dee, J.E. Akron
Dirks, Henry Hawarden
Eilers, John Akron
Farnham, J.S. Chatsworth
Frerichs, J.D. Akron
Gleason, Michael Akron
Hasenbank, Chris. Akron
Harris, Reese Akron
Harris, Isaac Akron
Ide, Peter Akron
Jensen, Severin Akron
Johnson, Peter Akron
Kaelke, John Akron
Koch, August Akron
Koch, Louise Akron
Melius, W.A. Akron
Melius, J.P. Akron
Melius, Mrs. B.M. Akron
McCorkell, E. Akron
McCusker, Frank Akron
McElhaney, T.S. Akron
Page, Jas. Hawarden
Peterson, Fred. Akron
Pollock, R.R. Akron
Pollock, J.H. Akron
Ross, Ellen Akron
Ross, James Akron
Ross, W.W. Akron
Root, Roy Akron
Root, L.F. Akron
Schluter, J.J. Akron
Searls, C.A. Akron
Searls, J.H. Akron
Searls, D.J. Akron
Searls, F.T. Akron
Searls, G.I. Akron
Shedd, A.S. Akron
Smith, Henry Akron
Spittle, Chauncey Akron
Spittle, Emanuel Akron
Strobehn, Gustab Akron
Strobehn, Wm. Akron
Thomas, Lambert Akron
Thomas, Frank Akron
Thomas, Lawrence Akron
Willer, C.J. Akron
Williams, A.N. Akron
Wilken, Eilert Hawarden
Witt, Albert Akron

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