Directory of Leading Farmers
of Plymouth County from the
Plymouth County Atlas
Perry Township
July 1, 1906

Submitted and typed by Scott Larson and Nicole L. Larson

Anderson, H.A. Hinton
Asplund, C.A. Hinton
Barrett, Henry Leeds
Baker, John H. Leeds
Becker, J.A. Leeds
Bottger, Wm. Hinton
Bonnes, Ole Hinton
Bruford, Henry Leeds
Cardwell, Walter Hinton
Cardwell, Henrietta Hinton
Cassaday, B.J. Hinton
Cassaday, T.W.S. Hinton
Covarney, Jas. Hinton
Cummins, A.C. Leeds
Crouch, O.W. Hinton
Dorsey, Nick. Leeds
Elliot, T.L. Hinton
Elliot, N.Z. Hinton
Ernst, John Hinton
Ferguson, Wm. Hinton
Ferguson, Joan Hinton
Finnegan, Thos. Leeds
Flannery, Ellen Hinton
Flannery, Roas Hinton
Flannery, John Hinton
Flannery, Martin Hinton
Flannery, Edward Hinton
Flannery, Wm. Hinton
Garvey, Philip Hinton
Gerke, John Leeds
Glau, Chris Leeds
Glau, Julius Leeds
Gruber, Henry Leeds
Graham, Joe Leeds
Hayes, A.G. Yeomans
Hayden, Matt. Leeds
Hansel, W.C. Hinton
Harsha, J.E. Hinton
Hawkins, B.S. Leeds
Hensel, W.C. Hinton
Ingram, Lydia Yeomans
Keating, James Leeds
Knapp, Ed. Sioux City
Kavanaugh, Nic. Leeds
Kavanaugh, Ed. Leeds
Lamkin, Louis Sioux City
Larson, Christian Sioux City
Lehman, Henry Leeds
Luce, G.D. Hinton
Mansfield, M.T. Hinton
Maxey, G.M. Hinton
Montague, Louis Leeds
Murray, John Leeds
Murray, Sarah Leeds
McWilliams, Ruben Leeds
McWilliams, Isaiah Leeds
Nash, A.M. Hinton
O'Brien, Jas. Yeomans
O'Bryan, Jas. Leeds
Olson, Albert Hinton
Peterson, Theo. Leeds
Petersen, Jeppe Leeds
Petersen, Karen M. Leeds
Poradek, Joe Hinton
Poradek, Mary Hinton
Pritchett, Mrs. Eliza Hinton
Roeder, S.A. Sioux City
Rosburg, Paul Hinton
Rosenow, Ernst Leeds
Search, W.R. Sioux City
Simon, Mrs. Henry Hinton
Simon, Jay Hinton
Sloan, T.O. Leeds
Stastny, John Hinton
Taft, F.E. Yeomans
Tracy, Urban Hinton
Tracy, Wm. Hinton
Trumbauer, M.M. Sioux City
VanDusen, J.N. Hinton
Vondrak, Michael Hinton
Vondrak, Emil Hinton
Vondrak, Annie Hinton
Vondrak Bros. Hinton
Weiss, Joe Hinton
Wells, Jos. Leeds
Weideman, Elitz Leeds
Witje, John Leeds
Wilson, T.J. Sioux City
Wolf, Chas. Hinton
Wynia, F.S. Yeomans
Wynia, S.S. Yeomans

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