Directory of Leading Farmers
of Plymouth County from the
Plymouth County Atlas
Lincoln Township
July 1, 1906

Submitted and typed by Scott Larson and Nicole L. Larson

Barnholtz, Hans Hinton
Barnholtz, Wm. Hinton
Barnholtz, J.G. Hinton
Becker, Henry Hinton
Binneboese, Aug. Hinton
Carel, Jas. Le Mars
Carel, Ed. Kingsley
Casper, Jr. Peter Hinton
Casper, Fred Hinton
Dahlmann, John Hinton
Dahlmann, C.C. Hinton
Dettmann, Julius Hinton
Dean, Clay Hinton
Epling, Chas. Hinton
Geary, Patrick Le Mars
Grimjes, Henry Le Mars
Harrison, Fred Hinton
Harrison, Victor Hinton
Heimgartner, Albrik Hinton
Hoffman, Chas. Kingsley
Ideker, Henry Hinton
Ideker, H.W. Merrill
Ideker, Fremont Hinton
Kounkel, G.P. Le Mars
Kowalke, Albert Hinton
Krier, Jos. Hinton
Krier, J.J. Hinton
Kling, Jas. Hinton
Krause, Reinhold Hinton
Langle, Wm. Hinton
Ladenthine, J.N. Hinton
Ladenthine, Jacob Hinton
Luksan, Frank Hinton
Long, Anna Le Mars
Mathwig, Augusta Hinton
Mathwig, Ed. Hinton
Muecke, Julius Hinton
Muecke, Fritz Hinton
Muecke, August Hinton
Muecke, Wm. Hinton
McKibbon, W.S. Hinton
Nash, Luther Hinton
Nash, J.J. Hinton
Peterson, F.H. Le Mars
Peron, Wm. Hinton
Peron, Carl Hinton
Peron, Geo. Hinton
Peron, Carl Hinton
Plendl, Geo. Le Mars
Plendl, Jos. Hinton
Porsch, Jacob Kingsley
Porsch, Thomas Kingsley
Porsch, Albert Hinton
Roepke, Fritz Kingsley
Roepke, Carl Hinton
Sager, P.E. Hinton
Sager, Ira E. Kingsley
Schoenrock, Gus. Le Mars
Selbee, Lilly H. Hinton
Selbee, H.D. Hinton
Shoecraft, Jacob Hinton
Soule, Nathan Hinton
Soule, Galon Hinton
Sitzmann, J.J. Hinton
Sitzmann, A.J. Le Mars
Sitzmann, Joseph Le Mars
Sitzmann, Valentine Kingsley
Snowden, P.W. Hinton
Snowden, Rachel Hinton
Stabe, John Hinton
Utecht, Ferdinand Kingsley
Wetrosky, Sr. John Hinton
Wilson Bros. Kingsley
Ziglen, Otto Kingsley
Zweifel, Andrew Hinton

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