Directory of Leading Farmers
of Plymouth County from the
Plymouth County Atlas
Liberty Township
July 1, 1906

Submitted and typed by Scott Larson and Nicole L. Larson

Ahern P.H. Merrill
Ahern, John Merrill
Ahrens, Jas. Merrill
Allen, M.C. Merrill
Baker, D.M. Merrill
Baker, A.J. Merrill
Bauerly, J.W. Merrill
Bauerly, J.J. Merrill
Barth, W.J. Hinton
Berger, Jacob Hinton
Beaulieu, Geo. Hinton
Beaulieu, Ed. Hinton
Beaulieu, Sr. Alex. Merrill
Beaulieu, Jr. Alex. Hinton
Beaulieu, Frank Merrill
Bogenrief, D.O. Merrill
Borchers, Louis Merrill
Burkett, J.E. Merrill
Burkett, W.H. Merrill
Breiden, J.F. Hinton
Brouilette, O.B. Millnerville
Brouilette, Peter Millnerville
Bristow, Mort Merrill
Bristow, H.W. Merrill
Burrill, Robert Merrill
Buryanek, Wm. Merrill
Brown, Chas. Merrill
Butterworth, R.H. Merrill
Baack, Henry Merrill
Bray, P.D. Merrill
Carpenter, A.F. Hinton
Carter, C. Westfield
Closner, Chas. Hinton
Clarey, L.C. Merrill
Cumihow, Emil Merrill
Crouch, J.M. Hinton
Crouch, J.C. Hinton
Dennler, Geo. Merrill
Dennler, G.A. Merrill
Dennler, Sr. John Merrill
Dennler, A.H. Merrill
Dennler, Jr. John Merrill
Dwyer, Nellie Merrill
Eberhard, C.D. Merrill
Flannery, Jr. Thomas Hinton
Greenwood, Hiram Merrill
Gorman, Jas. Merrill
Harrison, Jerry Merrill
Hamann, Wm. Merrill
Hardy, N. Millnerville
Hauser, Aug. Millnerville
Herman, Elizabeth Merrill
Herman, Fred Merrill
Hahn, Chris Hinton
Helm, Fred Hinton
Hess, P.H. Merrill
Hines, Jacob Merrill
Hoos, Margaret Merrill
Hubner, Fred Hinton
Juzek, Chas. Merrill
Kovarna, V. Merrill
Kastner, Albert Merrill
Kalas, Henry Hinton
Kalas, Wm. Hinton
Kanago, M.E. Merrill
Kammeier, Henry Merrill
Kenny, E.D. Hinton
Klatt, Julius Merrill
Kress, Sr. Geo. Hinton
Kress, Sr. Geo. Hinton
Kramer, Fred Merrill
Kramer, Chris. Merrill
Karley, J.F. Merrill
Lindsay, Wm. Merrill
Luksau, Jas Merrill
Mansfield, Bros. Merrill
Mathwig, Julius Millnerville
Montague, Frank Merrill
Munsch, Chris. Merrill
Muecke, J.E. Hinton
March, G.E. Merrill
McIntire, Jas. Merrill
McCormick, John Merrill
Pavlovic, Adolph Merrill
Pavlovic, Joseph Merrill
Pavlik, Vincent Merrill
Rembe, P.V. Merrill
Ramesbothom, Dell. Hinton
Reynolds, J.A. Merrill
Reynolds, W.A. Merrill
Strohmeier, Adam Merrill
Susemihl, Emma Merrill
Swanson, Gust. Merrill
Sweeney, John Hinton
Sweeney, Thomas Hinton
Talbott, Chas. Merrill
Taylor, J.I. Merrill
Trometer, Andrew Merrill
Trometer, Geo. Merrill
Veidt, Geo. Merrill
Veidt, G.W. Merrill
Veidt, F.M. Merrill
Waddington, Thos. Hinton
Waddle, W.W. Merrill
Waddle, Fred Merrill
Waddle, Reuben Merrill
Waddle, Edward Merrill
Wetrosky, Frank Merrill
Yoergen, Max Merrill

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