Directory of Leading Farmers
of Plymouth County from the
Plymouth County Atlas
Henry Township
July 1, 1906

Submitted and typed by Scott Larson and Nicole L. Larson

Blair, David Kingsley
Breiholz, John Remsen
Coatsworth, J. S. Remsen
Coatsworth, Wm. Remsen
Davis, J. J. Kingsley
Dearinger, C. M. Pierson
Dearinger, Henry Remsen
Dugan, Jas. A. Kingsley
Ehmsen, Louis Remsen
Erichsen, Hans Remsen
Forbes, W. J. Kingsley
Fokken, Wm. G. Kingsley
Fromme, Henry Remsen
Grothaus, J. G. Remsen
Grage, J. H. Remsen
Grage, J. P. Remsen
Grubb, Jacob Kingsley
Hinken, Chris. Remsen
Johnson, Alfred Kingsley
Kahl, Harry Remsen
Kenney, W. A. Remsen
Kenney, A. R. Remsen
Klingbeil, Fred Remsen
Klingbeil, Herman Remsen
Koch, Ernst Remsen
Koch, Peter Remsen
Kroeger, Henry Remsen
Kroeger, Claus Remsen
Maass, John Remsen
Maass, Henry Remsen
Matthiesen, Chris. Remsen
Meister, Wm. A. Kingsley
Meister, Henry Kingsley
Mehlhop, J. H. Remsen
Moritz, David Remsen
Ott, Peter Remsen
Pfaffle, Wm. Remsen
Pfaffle, A. F. Remsen
Rodesch, Chas. Remsen
Runions, John Remsen
Seel, Adam Remsen
Skelton, Robert Remsen
Southwick, A. D. Remsen
Steffen, August Remsen
Strohbeen, Wm. Remsen
Strullmeyer, Henry Remsen
Thomson, A. T. Kingsley
Toothman, Herman Kingsley
Treptow, C. A. W. Remsen
Witt, Adolph Remsen

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