Plymouth County & NW Iowa Flash Flooding


Please submit your flood stories to the County Coordinator, Linda Ziemann

Flood-related story menu:

LeMars Sentinel, June 10, 1953, Headline reads: Guest Tells How Prayer Calmed Motel Guests as Water Rose

LeMars Sentinel, June 10, 1953 -- Downtown Merrill Basements Flooded, by Mrs. Fred Hammond

LeMars Globe-Post, June 11, 1953 -- Woman Walked Mile In Midnight Rain For Aid & Cleaning Up Drowned Car Costs

LeMars Sentinel, June 12, 1953, Seney, Iowa, column

LeMars Globe-Post, June 15, 1953, -- Remsen Bell-Enterprise column, Remsen Men Won Bitter Fight For Lives...Last Minute Rescue

LeMars Globe-Post, June 22, 1953, -- Mayor of Oyens Says Deep Creek Was Worse in 1892