Presbyterian Church, LeMars, IA

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LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, October 3, 1902


FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH--112 Court street, Morning Services 10:30. Sunday School 11:30. Christian Endeavor 6:30. Evening Services 8:00. Thursday prayer meeting 8:00 p.m.


LeMars Sentinel, November 15, 1935


Presbyterians extend a welcome to everybody to attend their anniversary
services. Rev. L. Myron Boozer, of Des Moines, Iowa, will be the guest
speaker at this occasion. The vested choir will furnish the special
selections at each service. The anniversary dinner will be served at 12:30.
Following is the anniversary program:

Sunday Morning 10:45
Prelude, Glory Patri
Responsive Reading, No. 420
Hymn, No. 90
Lord’s Prayer
Solo, Mrs. R. M. St. Clair, “I Sought the Lord,” by Galbraith.
Scripture lesson and prayer
Anniversary offering
Choir, “Praise The Lord Oh Jerusalem”
Anniversary Sermon, Rev. Myron Boozer, D.D. Subject, “The Harvest of Years.”
Solo, Mr. Everett Bentley

Afternoon—Fellowship Hour 2:15
Song Service
Reading of Letters and Greetings
Solo, Herbert Haas

Sunday Evening
Missionary Pictures, “Sky Line
Scripture Lesson
Solo, Mrs. R. S. Bowers, “Open The Gates To The Temple”
Choir, “Lead Kindly Light,” Broome.
Address, Dr. Boozer, “The Church Merits My Confidence.”

LeMars Sentinel
November 19, 1935

Large Crowds Attend Three Golden Anniversary Programs Held Last Sunday
Letters Are Received
Other Churches Join In The Evening Services

The First Presbyterian Church of LeMars celebrated its golden anniversary
Sunday, holding three services which brought out large audience.

At the morning services, Rev. Myron L. Boozer, of Des Moines, executive of
the Iowa Presbyterian Synod, preached an able sermon on “The Harvest of the
Years” in which he reviewed the Christian virtues of the pioneers. Mrs. R.
M. St. Clair sang, “I Sought the Lord,” the choir sang “Praise The Lord, Oh
Jerusalem” and the service closed with a vocal solo by Everett Bentley.

A song service opened the afternoon meeting. Herbert Haas sang a solo and
the quartet a number. Most of the afternoon was given over to reminiscent
talks by M. L. Rayburn, M. F. Brodie, A. G. Blakeway and others who are long
time members of the church. Letters were read from Dr. H. V. Comin, a former
pastor; Miss Nellie M. Lipport, a charter member who lives at 1716 Rose
Street, Berkeley, California; Rev. C. G. Butler, of Fergus Falls, Minn., a
former pastor; Mrs. D. W. Fahs, 1104 Elizabeth St., Pasadena, Calif., widow
of the first pastor; E. Margaret Struble, 21 Claremont Ave., New York City;
and W. M. Danner, secretary of the Y. M. C. A. at the time of the church was
organized in the association rooms, who now lives at 156 Fifth Ave., New
York City.

The evening service was a union meeting of the evangelical churches of
LeMars and was introduced by a motion picture depicting the home missionary
work of the Presbyterian Church. At this service Mrs. R. S. Bowers sang,
“Open The Gates to the Temple,” the choir sang “Lead Kindly Light,” and Dr.
Boozer delivered an address on “The Church Merits My Confidence” which was
addressed largely to the young people and urged them to be loyal to the

Organized in 1885
The LeMars Presbyterian Church was organized May 31, 1885, under the
leadership of Rev. D. W. Fahs, who was its first pastor. The first meetings
were held in a downtown room, but shortly after the organization a church
building costing $1200 wads erected and dedicated free of debt. A. G.
Blakeway is the only charter member now living in LeMars although there are
several persons living here who affiliated with the church since it was
started. Dr. A. Z. McGogney, who became the second pastor of the church in
1895, still lives in LeMars and attended the anniversary service. The Sunday
School and Woman’s Missionary Society were organized shortly after the
church was established and are celebrating their fiftieth anniversary this

The pastors of the church and their years of service follow:
D. W. Fahs, 1885-1895;
A. Z. McGogney, 1895-1902;
W. H. Ensign, 1902-1904;
W. G. Moore, 1904-1911;
C. G. Butler, 1911-1914;
H. V. Comin, 1914-1924;
J. A. Hills, 1924-1927;
J. J. DePree, 1927-1933;
F. P. Pfaltzgraff, 1933, is the present pastor.


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