Methodist Church, LeMars, IA

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, Oct. 3, 1902


FIRST M. E. CHURCH--Corner Clark and Sixth St., Rev. W. T. MacDonald, pastor. 9:30, Class meeting; 10:30 morning services; 12:00 Sunday school; 6:45 Epworth League; 8:00 evening services. Thursday evening, Child Study class 7:30; prayer meeting 8:00.


Methodist Church, LeMars, IA

Seventy-Fifth Anniversary

The First Methodist Church

Le Mars, Iowa

September 17, 1944

In the fall of 1869 the Rev. Bennett Mitchell, presiding elder, and the Rev. J. T. Walker, pastor, together with a goup of laymen interested in having a church in the new Le Mars community, organized The First Methodist Church.

In the year 1883 a group of German and Swiss immigrants who desired services in the German language organized the St. Paul's German Methodist Church. The Rev. E. W. Henke was pastor.

By 1933 the need for services in the German language had largely passed and in the spring of that year the two churches merged into the present First Methodist Church.

We of today owe a great debt to those of the past who had the vision, the wisdom and the sacrificial spirit which made possible our church. "Hail Hero Workers of the Mighty Past."

Charles W. Brashares, Bishop
Frank G. Bean, District Superintendent
Warner M. Hubbard, Pastor

Morning Worship

11:00 A.M.

The Organ Prelude, "Faith Looks Up to Thee" Lorenz

The Call to Worship, No. 595 by the Junior Choir.

Hymn No. 550. " Come O Thou God of Grace."

Candle Lighting in Recognition of Persons in Service.

The candle is lighted by Mrs. Wm Marcue.
Unison Prayer from Strength for Service
The Lord's Prayer in Unison.
The Anthem, " The Lord is Exalted." West
The Psalter, p. 633, Third Reading for Memorial Days.
The New Testament Lesson.
The Pastoral Prayer, The Rev. F. Earl Burgess
The Offering, Choral Response by the Junior Choir, No 34 in Singing Worship.
The Organ Offertory, "Serenity" Bartley
The Announcements.
Hymn No. 256 "Faith of our Fathers."
The Sermon, The speaker is The speaker is the Rev. Charles W. Brashares, Bishop of the Des Moines Area.
Hymn No. 279, "God of grace and God of Glory"
The Benediction, The Rev. F. Earl Burgess
The Choral Benediction, No. 614
The Organ Postlude, "Festival Postlude" Kohlmann
Ina F. Vail directs the choi.r
Miss Mary Jane Crossley plays the Service.
The first hymn, No. 550 was used at the dedication of this church building May 9, 1915. Bishop Wm A. Quayle was the preacher.
Mrs. Wm Marcue who lights the Service Candle, is the grandmother of Don Marcue, a member of the air corps. Mrs. Marcue has been a member of this church for fifty-seven years.


List of Pastors for First Methodist Church
Le Mars, Iowa

J. T. Walker 1869
G.M. Binks 1870
H. D. Brown 1871
R. W. Thornberg 1872
J. T. Walker 1873
R. C. Glass 1874
J. H. Lozier 1877
H. W. Jones 1878
F. W. Gleason 1880
A. Jamieson 1881
F. H. Sanderson 1883
R. C. Glass 1885
B. C. Corey 1886
I.N. Pardee 1887
J. W. Klepper 1890
J. W. Walker 1890
G. W. Carr 1892
Joel A. Smith 1894
Robert Bagnell 1897
J. J. Lace 1898
W. T. Mac Donald 1900
A. A. Randall 1903
G. W. Pratt 1904
G. F. Whitfield 1906
W. E. Blackstock 1911
E. E. Gilbert 1911
J. K. Hawkins 1919
Walter Torbett 1919
C. H. Seward 1921
F. B. Nixon 1925
F. E. Burgess 1926
J. R. Tumbleson 1933
W. M. Hubbard 1937
Taken from 1944 program of 75th anniversary of the First Methodist Church, Le Mars, Iowa September 17, 1944

~Information submitted by Ardythe Rees Stoesz


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