Early News Articles about Union Twp Presbyterian

LeMars Sentinel, LeMars, (Plymouth), Iowa, February 21, 1890:
A new Presbyterian church was organized in Union township, this county, on Wednesday of this week.  Rev. F. S. Buley, D.D. assisted by Rev. Fahs and the session of the Presbyterian church and ordained and installed as elders Messrs. R. G. Smith and Conrad Kohl.  A board of trustees was elected and they will proceed immediately to the erection of a church building to cost in the neighborhood of $1,500.
From the LeMars Sentinel, LeMars, (Plymouth), Iowa, October 10, 1890:
The Union township Presbyterian church was dedicated as announced on last Sabbath.  Although the day was cold and rainy, yet it did not prevent a large congregation from assembling.
The church was filled to overflowing a little after the hours appointed for service.  Rev. D. W. Fahs preached an appropriate dedicatory sermon, after which Dr. Bailey of Cedar Rapids, conducted the formal dedicatory services.  A collection was taken to meet expenses of building which was soon raised and $50 over as a surplus in the treasury.  Mrs. Walter Bailey, of Le Mars, was present and presided at the organ.  The people of Union township are to be congratulated upon having so fine and comfortable a church in their midst.  Great credit is due the men and women who pushed forward to its successful completion this fine house of worship and much praise is due Mr. Z. Eyers, the builder, for the workman-like manner in which he completed the building.  A pastor is to be immediately called to this young and thriving church.  Services being at 11 o'clock a.m. Sabbaths and Sunday School at 10 a.m.
From the LeMars Sentinel, LeMars, (Plymouth), Iowa, October 15, 1890:
The Union township Presbyterian church was dedicated on Sunday by Rev. D. W. Fahs, and Dr. Bailey, of Cedar Rapids.
From the LeMars Sentinel, LeMars, (Plymouth), Iowa, Thursday, February 8, 1904:
O'Leary--The singing school conducted by Prof. B. H. Cornish has been first class and improved our home talent and will conclude next Friday night, Feb. 9, by giving a concert, the proceeds to go toward getting a new church bell for the Presbyterian church.  Let every one come out.
From the LeMars Sentinel, LeMars, (Plymouth), Iowa, October 25, 1907:
     Union--The Presbyterians have made a great cellar way and other improvements at their church.

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