Trinity Lutheran Church

In the early 1870s, the Lincoln Township area had its first visit by a Lutheran missionary in the person of theological student, B.J. Ansorge.

In the early 1880s, Lutherans in the Lincoln Township area were being served by pastors from Sioux City. Services were held on as regular a basis could be arranged. The first services were in the home of Friedrick Muecke on the location of the present Ed Bollmeyer home. By the spring of 1885, the number of people to be served became large enough to warrant the organization of a congregation. A pastor was called. Three acres of land were purchased at the present location. A frame church, painted white, was built and dedicated before 1885 passed by. The first pastor was the Rev. J.W. Lehr.

By 1911, the first church was outgrown and a larger church with a tall steeple was built. A gold cross atop the steeple could be seen from a great distance. The bell, added later, announced the worship of God to the countryside and the pipe organ aided the people in glorifying God.

The need for room for other activities than worship became more pressing as time went on. Therefore, in 1923, a full basement was made under the church.

The parsonage in the early days was about a quarter mile south of the church in a grove of trees. Later the parsonage was on the grounds with the church. The present parsonage was built in 1928.

The confirmation school took place in the church’s school house. It was built some time before 1900, and was used also for other activities of the congregation. On May 13, 1953, it was sold and moved into Hinton.

In July of 1951, the congregation resolved to build the present church building. The white frame church was sold to St. John’s Lutheran Church (ALC) of Merrill. It was moved there and still serves that congregation.  During the major stages of the church construction, Trinity’s worship services were held in the facilities of Grace Church, LeMars, on Sunday afternoons. Later, services were held in the basement of the new church. On Reformation Day of 1954, the completed new church was dedicated with festival services.  Stained glass windows and air conditioning have been major additions to the church since its dedication.

Active organizations within the congregation are:  Ladies Aid, organized in 1922 and active in promoting the Christian knowledge of its members and in aiding the Lord’s work in and through the congregation; Youth for Christ, the Walther League at Trinity was organized in 1922.  When the parent organization ceased to exist, the youth organization here became Lutheran Youth for Christ.

Fellowship Club, organized in 1939. It is an organization of member couples with special projects around the church, interest in promoting the Lutheran Hour and other efforts in conjunction with the Lutheran Layman’s League.

The Evangelists. This is a group that has been growing gradually but strongly during the past 5 years. An essential part of the training is the actual witnessing in the homes of members and non-members.

The Sunday School. This agency of teaching began in 1908.

The Weekday School. This agency, inaugurated more recently, seeks to do what the old Confirmation School did.

Bible Study Groups for adults and youth meet during the Sunday School hour on Sunday mornings. There are also home Bible study groups, not officially sponsored by the congregation, but receiving its encouragement.

Trinity congregation has been aware of the blessings that God has bestowed through all of its years. In this spirit, it has celebrated the 50th Anniversary, the 60th Anniversary, the 75th Anniversary, and the 80th Anniversary.

~Source: Pictorial Atlas, Plymouth County Iowa, Bi-Centennial 1776-1976

LeMars Sentinel, September 18, 1945

One Thousand People At Celebration of Sixtieth Year

Trinity Lutheran Church in Lincoln Township celebrated the 60th anniversary of its founding last Sunday and about 1000 Lutherans from this community gathered for the commemorative services.  The LeMars, Kingsley, and Lawton churches which were started by former members of Trinity Church were largely represented.

At the 10:30 a.m. meeting an anniversary communion service was held with Rev. Wm. Marth of Dunnell, Minn., a former Trinity pastor, preaching the sermon. At 2:30 p.m. Rev. R.J. Torgler, of St. Louis, another former pastor, preached.

Choral members at both services were sung by Trinity choir, directed by E.W. Fremder, of Sioux City. Organists were Mrs. Harold Ladenthin and Miss Irene Bogenreif.

Liturgists for the day were two theological students from this congregation, Robert Heimgartner and Robert Klingbiel.

In addition to the 600 members of the Trinity congregation there were about 400 other visitors at the afternoon program.

Dinner was served to all guests at noon and the program was completed about 5:30 p.m.

Rev. H.D. Stahmer of Hinton is the present pastor of this church which has a large house of worship and attractive parsonage a few miles east of Hinton.

"A good picture is better than a 1000 words," says an old Chinese proverb. So, being pinched for space, The Globe-Post prints the above photo by Bob Kenaley, showing a dramatic moment in the passing of the former Lincoln twp. church over the Floyd river at Merrill. The church arrived safely in Merrill Saturday. Last lap of the trip is across pastures and fields.

LeMars Globe-Post, January 22, 1953


The old Trinity Lutheran church building in Lincoln township will be moved in the near future to the new site in Merrill. The new location of the church will be across the street from St. John’s Lutheran Church, which will be torn down.

The large church will be moved during cold weather so that it can be moved across the river on the ice instead of the bridge, which is not large enough.

The pews and other fixtures have been taken to Merrill.

Meanwhile the new Trinity Lutheran Church building is going up rapidly and the basement can be used for services.

Confirmation Class 1933

~Photograph submitted by Carl Jahn (back row, 2nd from the left) and his daughter, Bonnie Mares. Carl Jahn has helped with the identification of the people in this photograph.

Left to Right: Back Row; ? Ludwig, Carl Jahn, ? Camp; Rev. Toigler, Otto Hopp, ? Hartman, ??

Left to Right: Front Row; ? Ludwig, Bethel Anderson, ? Ludwig, ? Hartman, ? Krause, ? Henry, ? Luksan, ? Hopp, ?? [the two students at the far right of each row are identified only as being brother and sister]

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