St. Michael's Catholic Church, Kingsley, IA

LeMars Sentinel, May 22, 1893


St. Michael's Catholic church, together with grounds, parochial residence
and cemetery has cost about $6,000. The cemetery is one acre in size, the
church a neat commodious structure, elegantly ornamented inside with many
pictures, holy water fount, organ, etc. It has a membership of between 250
and 300 persons, many of our most influential, respectable and solid
business men and farmers being communicants of this church.


St. Michael's Catholic church, Kingsley, Iowa, was dedicated on Wednesday.

The visiting and home priests present were: Right Rev. Bishop M. Marty, of
Sioux Falls, S.D.; Rev. John Joseph O'Brien, of Dunlap, Iowa; Rev. P.A. R.
Tierney, of Granville, Iowa; Rev. J.C. Nacke, of Carroll, Iowa; Rev. J.
Kelly, of Ida Grove, Iowa; Rev. James Barron, of LeMars, Iowa; Rev. M.J.
Quirk, of Sioux City, Iowa; Rev. J.T. Saunders, of Cherokee, Iowa; Rev. M.M.
Tierney, of Kingsley, Iowa.


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