New Plymouth Presbyterian Church To Be Dedicated Next Sunday


Services Morning, Afternoon and in the Evening

The new Plymouth Presbyterian church in Johnson township will be dedicated Sunday morning, July 20.  The dedication address will be delivered by Dr. Edwin F. Rippey, pastor of the First Presbyterian church, Sioux City.  The dedication service will open at 10:30 Sunday morning at which time Dr. J. J. DePree will be the speaker.  At 1:30 there will be a concert by the orchestra and at 2:30 p.m. the dedica­tory service will begin with Dr. Rippey as speaker.

Rev. George Albright, of Early, a former pastor, will speak at the services in the evening and the Coolman orchestra will furnish special music at the service.  The choir will render an anthem at each service dur­ing the day.

Friends are asked to bring their own lunch and as far as possible tables will be provided for the noon and evening meals.

The work of building the new church started March 2, 1930, and it was completed in a little more than four months.  It is built of tile and face brick, 28x60 feet, with seating room for 200 including the bal­cony.  It has a full basement, completely equipped for social gatherings and the basement is finished in fir with a wood floor over the cement floor.  The total cost of the building is about $12,000.

A beautiful archway erected over the cemetery drive rests on pillars made of the same face brick as are used in the church.  Corner stones of the cemetery fence are of the same material.

The building was erected by B. J. Engelen, of Springfield, Minn., who specializes in erecting church buildings.

Plymouth Presbyterian church is one of the oldest churches in Plymouth county, the present building being built on the site of one erected in 1880, which served as a house of worship until the new church was completed.  A large company of friends of the congregation will gather Sunday to assist in the dedication of its handsome new house of worship.

This is one of the strong rural churches in Plymouth county and it has been growing and flourishing un­der the leadership of its pastor, Rev. W. E. Smith, who has the support and cooperation of a splendid congregation.

~Source: LeMars Daily Sentinel (LeMars, Plymouth County, Iowa) of 07/15/1930.

~Submitter: Bruce Atkinson

First Plymouth Presbyterian Church Is Formally Dedicated Sunday Afternoon


Replaces House of Worship Erected Fifty Years ago

The Plymouth Presbyterian congregation dedicated their new $14,000 house of worship Sunday.  The event was the occasion for a gathering of the friends of that church from far and near as well as from the immediate community.  Plymouth Presbyterian church is one of the older churches of Plymouth county, having been established in the seventies.  Its first house of worship, which the handsome church dedicated Sunday replaced, was erected in 1880 and the church cemetery alongside contains stones marking burials as early as 1872.

Three services were held Sunday—at 10:30 a.m., 3:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.  The pastors of a number of other churches that had dismissed their services as­sisted in these services as did also members of their choirs.  At the morning service Dr. J. J. DePree preached the sermon, taking for his subject “Preparation For Dedication.”  Dr. A. Z. McGogney led in the responsive reading at this service and the special music included a duet by Mrs. E. W. Morton and Mrs. R. G. Eyers, of Union.  The church choir also rendered special music at each of the services.

At the afternoon service Dr. E. F. Rippey of First Presbyterian church Sioux City, spoke on “The Completed Church,” emphasizing that the church was not the building but the members themselves and stressing five points essential to a live church.  At this service Miss Mildred Paulin contributed a vocal number and the responsive service was led by Rev. Ahlbrecht, a former pastor.

Following the afternoon service, contributions were solicited to make up a balance of approximately $2,000 needed to complete the church according to the original plans and $1,300 of the amount was raised before the formal dedicatory service late in the afternoon.  This will pay all expense actually in­curred, but will make it necessary to defer purchas­ing art glass and some other things the building committee had planned for the new edifice.

The actual cost of the new church is $13,911,10 and its builders have erected an unusually convenient and attractive house of worship for that amount of money.  It has a basement under the whole church with every facility for social gatherings and an auditorium which with gallery seats about 200 people.  The main room is furnished in oak and the basement in fir.  The grounds around the church have been attractively landscaped an iron fence sepa­rating the church and the cemetery and attractive brick posts of the same brick as is used in the church marking the entrances.

The church building is of brick and tile construction, furnace heated, electric lighted and nothing appar­ently has been overlooked that might add to its ap­pearance and convenience.  The entire community feels a justifiable pride in this new church.

At the evening service the church was crowded for the third time during the day and Rev. Ahlbrecht, for several years a pastor of the church, preached the sermon.

For more than half a century Plymouth Presbyterian church has made its influence felt in the religious and social life of its community and its friends throughout the county congratulate its members and pastor Rev. W. E. Smith, on their new church home.

~Source: LeMars Sentinel (LeMars, Plymouth County, Iowa) of 07/21/1930.

~Submitter: Bruce Atkinson


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