Harrison Free Methodist Church- Lincoln Township

Located east of Hinton, Iowa - Photo (below) taken in 1904

Also known as the Lincoln Township M. E. Church

~Photo submitted by researcher, Justin Herbst.


Located east of Hinton, Iowa, in the early Harrisonville Settlement in Lincoln township. Services are said to have taken place at this church until late 1910s and some Baptisms through the late 1920s. A tornado took the building down in 1935. The land for the church was donated by Galon Soule, and the building was constructed by his brother, Nate Soule.

Apparently the last baptism that took place was that of Ross Cecil Sager, who was born July 26, 1926, and then two months later was baptized in September 1926. After WWI the church became less active, except for occasional wedding, baptisms or funerals.

Two of the early ministers were: 1) Rev. Walter William Crippen and 2) Rev. Jesse D. O. Powers (and he also served a different church in Sioux City.) ~History notes shared by Justin Herbst.



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