Kingsley, Iowa  

Two Correctionville area couples, the Gaylen Knaacks and the Ben Flathers, sought help of Rev. J. Stanley Rendahl of the Iowa Baptist Conference (Baptist General Conf.) to start a new church. In 1969 his summer assistant, Donald Dickens, surveyed the area.

The first Bible study was held Nov. 1, 1969, at the home of Dr. Charles Hamm, Kingsley physician. The first Sunday services were conducted March 1, 1970. At the organization of the church that day, the congregation voted to remain independent of denominational ties.

David Harder and his wife, Karen, gave pastoral leadership that summer before returning to seminary. Rev. Charles Brickwedel, professor of Northwestern College, and his wife, Bethel, conducted services for the remainder of that first year. Rev. Eugene Linn and wife, Jo, began their ministry March 1, 1971.

The congregation continued to rent facilities from either the Congregational United Church of Christ or the Brethren Church. When the Merrill-Stanton United Methodist Church building was advertised for auction on Sept. 23, 1972, it was purchased.

On Jan. 30 and 31, 1973, the building was moved 19 miles to Kingsley and placed over the fresh excavation at 420 E. Third St. By June 6, the congregation began using the building though remodeling and decorating continued over the next three years.

~Submitted by Eugene Linn, Pastor
~Pictorial Atlas, Plymouth County, Iowa, Bi-Centennial 1776-1976

~Link to the LeMars Sentinel news article and photographs about moving the church building into Kingsley.




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