LeMars, Iowa 

The Free Methodist Church of LeMars, Iowa, was incorporated on April 10, 1906.

The church as been in continuous ministry for 70 years. In 1909 the LeMars pastor also filled the pulpit in the newly formed Free Methodist Church in Sioux City.

Records for the first ten years are not available as they are at the Iowa Free Methodist Church headquarters in Des Moines.

One the membership list for the year 1914-1915 are the names of John and Phoebe Dempster. Joining in the first meeting of that year are Arthur J. and Bessie Parks.

In 1920 the names of Wilbert and Cynthia Reeves appear on the roll and in 1976, second and third generation names from these three families are still on the membership list.

In February 1961, a disastrous fire broke out in the church basement. The interior was badly burned and was completely renovated.

Newly appointed pastor for the LeMars Free Methodist Church for the 1976-77 year is the Rev. Robert Brail and his wife Debbie (Bonney) Brail. Mrs. Brail’s parents, the Rev. Doane Bonney’s, are missionaries in the Dominican Republic.

~Submitted by Pauline Dempster, Sec. of Official Board
~Pictorial Atlas, Plymouth County, Iowa, Bi-Centennial 1776-1976




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