Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church

Grant Township, Plymouth County Iowa

LeMars Globe-Post
July 17, 1947

Grant Twp Church In Diamond Jubilee

Arrangements are complete for the diamond jubilee of the Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church of Grant township Sunday.  Comprehensive plans have been made for the observance of the church’s career since its founding in 1872, and a jubilee booklet has been printed for distribution to members Sunday.

A historical sketch is included, which shows that the following pastors have served the congregation:
A. Martin
R. T. Doescher
E. Beck   
F. S. Buenger
A. C. Kleinlein
J. D. Meyer
F. O. Bunge (since August 10, 1933, the present pastor.)

The congregation maintained a parochial school for 39 years, Fred Kusch and H. W. Hennings being the teachers.  During its 75 years the church has undergone many changes, always striving to improve its physical and spiritual equipment.  Much new equipment for the interior has been obtained, and a plan for remodeling of the church and a new parsonage only await reasonable prices and availability of materials.

The jubilee book includes writeups and pictures of various church organizations and officials, and a list of members.  Under the heading, “Some Interesting Facts,” appears this information:
~The congregation was found June 28, 1872.
~A. T. Martin was the first pastor of this church.
~The first church was built in 1878 at a cost of $700.00.
~In 1889 the present church was built at a cost of $5,000.
~The 50th anniversary of dedication of the present church took place September 10, 1940.
~The new church pews were dedicated October 27, 1946.
~Pastor J. D. Meyer served the congregation 37 years.
~John M. Renken, 87, is the oldest member of the church.
~Mrs. Carl Beitelspacher, 77, is the oldest member of the Ladies Aid.
~Mr. and Mrs. Gergard Harms, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Plueger, and Mr. and Mrs. Eilert Dirks have all been married over 50 years.
~Forty-four of our young men served in the armed forces of our country, and one girl in the nurses’ corp. Richard Heeren and Glen Harms lost their lives in the service.
~Captain Chaplain John Pleuger, son of the congregation, died in France while in service.

Top Photo: Pastor, J. D. Meyer 1895-1933

Bottom Photo: Pastor F. O. Bunge (present pastor in 1947)


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