State Census - Elgin Township, 1895

~Spellings are noted as found, but could be incorrect.


  		Name   /   Age   / Birth Place

Walter S. Darville  42 	England 	 
Ida M. Darville   34 	United States 	 
Carrie M. Darville	16 	Plymouth Co IA 	
Ella B. Darville	13 	Plymouth Co IA 	
Lillie Darville	    11 	 Plymouth Co IA 	
Jonathan Alderson	46 	 England 	  
Agness E. Alderson	42 	 Wisconsin 	 
Sadie A. Alderson	20 	 Wisconsin 	 
Ida J. Alderson	    18 	 Wisconsin 
John W. Alderson	15 	 Wisconsin 	 
William Moore	    21 	 Illinois 	
Charles Sewardt	    38 	 Germany 	
Fredrika Sewardt	38 	 Ohio 	
Scott Sewardt	   12 	 Illinois 	 
Amie M. Sewardt	   6    Illinois 	
Carl Edward Sewardt	 4 	Illinois 	 
Sophia M. Sewardt	3 	Plymouth Co IA 	
Mary Ravensdorff	72 	 Germany 	
Robert Collins     59 	 Canada 	 
Margarette Collins	58 	Canada 	 
Hilton C. Collins	22 	Canada  
H. J. Howard	61 	England 	 
Caroline Reeves	73 	England 	 
Robert Reeves	49 	England 	 
Lucy Reeves	38 	England 	 
Minard G. Mills	56 	Vermont 	 
Mary J. Mills	46 	Wisconsin 	 
Benjaman F. Mills	16 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
John Krawel	64 	Germany 	 
Fredrika Krawel	61 	Germany 	 
William Krawel	30 	Germany 	 
August Witt	25 	Illinois 	 
Nellie Witt	20 	Illinois 	 
Minnie Witt	3 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Mathew Ewin	40 	Illinois 	 
Ella Ewin	38 	Illinois 	 
William Ewin	17 	Illinois 	 
Effie Ewin	15 	Illinois 	 
Arthur Ewin	10 	Illinois 	 
Charles Ewin	7 	Colorado 	 
Iona Ewin	3 	Plymouth Co 	 
William Kennedy	43 	Canada 	 
Martha Kennedy	39 	Canada 	 
Watson Kennedy	20 	Marshall Co IA 	 
William Kennedy	12 	Marshall Co IA  
Ora VanWichel	32 	Wisconsin 	 
Agnes VanWichel	30 	Canada 	 
Julia VanWichel	9 	Sioux Co IA 	 
Lavina VanWichel	3 	Sioux Co IA 	 
Ida VanWichel	1 	Plymouth Co 	 
Francis VanWichel	0 	Plymouth Co 	 
John Lancaster	46 	England 	 
Jane Lancaster	43 	England 	 
John T. Lancaster	24 	England 	 
Jennie A. Lancaster	17 	England 	 
Emma E. Lancaster	12 	England 	 
Ada Lancaster	8 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
William Lancaster Sr.	87 	England 	 
William Lancaster Jr.	50 	England 	 
Margarett Lancaster	47 	England 	 
James Lancaster	26 	Wisconsin 	 
Christopher Lancaster	19 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Ada Lancaster	17 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Mary Lancaster	12 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Maggie Lancaster	10 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Loula Lancaster	9 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Albert Haviland	47 	Illinois 	 
Susanah Haviland	46 	England 	 
Oscar Haviland	18 	Plymouth Co 	 
Milton Haviland	76 	New York 	 
Archibald Cutland	30 	Wisconsin 	 
Minnie Cutland	27 	Wisconsin 	 
Mortimer Cutland	3 	Sioux Co IA 	 
May Frisby	4 	Wisconsin 	 
Peter P. Kramer	25 	Ohio 	 
Oscar Aukema	28 	Holland 	 
Susie Aukema	19 	Holland 	 
Daniel McArthur	33 	Canada 	 
Clara McArthur	24 	Wisconsin 	 
Miles L. McArthur	2 	Illinois 	 
Littlefair March	52 	England 	 
Elizabeth March	48 	England 	 
John F. March	26 	Wisconsin 	
Lafayette March	21 	Poweshiek Co 	 
Jessie M. March	16 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Lucile March	5 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
George W. Ranes	39 	Illinois 	 
Mary M. Ranes	37 	England 	 
John L. Ranes	13 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Frank C. Ranes	10 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Maud L. Ranes	8 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Ruby M. Ranes	6 	Plymouth Co IA 	
Loyd L. Ranes	4 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Edna C. Ranes	0 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
John B. Wriel	52 	Clayton Co  
Mary R. Wriel	47 	Wisconsin 	 
William V. Wriel	25 	Clayton Co IA 	 
Mary Wriel	23 	Clayton Co IA 	 
Ellie Wriel	19 	Clayton Co IA 	
Alfonsus L. Wriel	15 	Clayton Co IA 	
Bertha Wriel	10 	Clayton Co IA 	 
Charles W. Cook	30 	Clayton Co IA 	
Martha J. Cook	21 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
John Peters	37 	Germany 	 
Matilda Peters	27 	Germany 	
Charles J. M. Peters	6 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Lillie W. Peters	5 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Emma J. E. Peters	2 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Sepka Berkenpas	41 	Holland 	 
Matilda D. Berkenpas	40 	Holland 	 
Henry Berkenpas	17 	Holland 	 
Jacob Berkenpas	13 	Holland 	 
Malvina Moore	58 	Illinois 	 
Stella Moore	17 	Fayette Co IA 	 
Milton Moore	39 	Illinois 	 
Jacob Foreman	40 	Holland 	 
Martha Foreman	32 	Holland 	 
Jennie Foreman	10 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Henry Foreman	7 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Mike Foreman	3 	Plymouth Co IA  
Henry Husted	52 	Denmark 	
Isabell Husted	42 	England 	 
Harley Cook	21 	Clayton Co IA 	 
Mary Britton	54 	New York 	 
Chester Britton	6 	Clayton Co 	 
Elmer S. Fax	33 	Pennsylvania 	 
Jessie M. Fax	28 	Scott Co IA 	 
Ruth V. Fax	1 	Woodbury Co IA 	 
John McArthur	35 	Canada 	 
Mary E. McArthur	30 	Jackson Co IA 	 
Belle E. McArthur	9 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Harvey McArthur	7 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Marshall McArthur	0 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Philip Knepper	49 	Germany 	 
Caroline Knepper	44 	Germany 	 
Victoria Knepper	17 	Illinois 	 
Katie Knepper	15 	Illinois 	 
John Knepper	12 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
William Knepper	20 	Germany 	 
Antone Beanfils	21 	Germany 	 
James G. Suyden	42 	England 	
Sarah M. Suyden	47 	England 	 
James J. Elliott	43 	Ohio 	 
Ella A. Elliott	40 	Indiana 	 
William G. Elliott	7 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Leontine E. Elliott	6 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
James J. Elliott Jr.	3 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Vernon D. Elliott	0 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Thomas Bowen	42 	Wales 	 
Mary Bowen	32 	Wales 	 
Fredric R. Bowen	12 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Thomas G. Bowen	10 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Anna May Bowen	8 	Plymouth Co IA  
John Brunhaver	49 	Germany 	 
Walter A. Brunhaver	16 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Louis Brunhaver	14 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Elizabeth Brunhaver	12 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Cana Boyes	67 	England 	 
Eliza Boyes	59 	New York 	 
Thomas Boyes	24 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Richard Hawkins	43 	Canada 	 
Jane Hawkins	38 	Canada 	 
William G. Hawkins	14 	Canada 	 
Jessie A. Hawkins	12 	Canada 	 
Richard A. Hawkins	9 	Canada 	 
Martha J. Hawkins	4 	Canada 	 
George Brown	22 	Scotland 	 
Nicholas Lauters	61 	Germany 	 
Susan Lauters	59 	Germany 	 
John Lauters	24 	Dubuque Co IA 	 
Mary Lauters	20 	Illinois 	
George Lauters	19 	Dubuque Co IA 	 
Martin Lauters	12 	Jackson Co IA 	 
Jacob Nussbaum	39 	Germany 	 
Augusta L. Nussbaum	35 	Germany 	 
Arthur Reeves	47 	England 	 
Elizabeth Reeves	50 	England 	 
William J. Reeves	19 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Wilbert H. Reeves	16 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Ametta Reeves	14 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Clarence W. Reeves	17 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Jessie L. Reeves	7 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
George Neaken	44 	Holland 	 
Henderkien Neaken	49 	Holland 	 
Kooestra Klaas	72 	Holland 	 
John Klosterzeal	9 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Winna Klosterzeal	8 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Otto Pickelder	43 	Holland 	 
Aaltge Pickelder	39 	Holland 	 
Berend Pickelder	13 	Holland 	 
Harmennes Pickelder	11 	Holland 	 
Berendine Pickelder	10 	Holland 	 
Hendrik Pickelder	8 	Holland 	 
Hendrike Pickelder	5 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Otto Pickelder	3 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
George Pickelder	1 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Simon Aukema Sr.	52 	Holland 	 
Hattie Aukema	49 	Holland 	 
Simon Aukema Jr.	22 	Holland 	 
Mark Aukema	20 	Holland 	 
Bertha Aukema	17 	Holland 	 
Rena Aukema	14 	Holland 	 
Sadie Aukema	12 	Holland 	 
Jenie Aukema	10 	Holland 	 
Ellen Deegan	64 	Ireland 	 
James Deegan	28 	Illinois 	 
John F. Deegan	26 	Illinois 	 
Ella E. Deegan	20 	Illinois 	 
Mary F. Fitzpatrie	30 	Illinois 	 
John J. Fitzpatrie	6 	Sioux Co IA 	 
Zwingle Rayburn	37 	Illinois 	 
Susan B. Rayburn	34 	Illinois 	 
Winnie E. Wood	20 	Illinois 	 
Duncan F. McArthur	26 	Canada 	 
Martha J. McArthur	22 	Dubuque Co IA 	 
Nathaniel McArthur	66 	Scotland 	 
Fanney McArthur	62 	Canada 	 
Daniel Brown	74 	Massachusetts 	 
Adelaid J. Brown	72 	New York 	 
Phoebe J. Brown	44 	Illinois 	 
Daniel R. Brown	25 	Illinois 	 
Archie E. Brown	22 	Illinois 	 
Earnest F. Brown	20 	Illinois 	 
Harry C. Brown	17 	Kansas 	 
Cora E. Brown	4 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Ora Moore	32 	Illinois 	 
Adelaid R. Moore	24 	Illinois 	 
Ruby W. Moore	0 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Ferdinand Schwier	32 	Germany 	 
Clara M. Schwier	29 	Dubuque Co IA 	 
Ida M. Schwier	0 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
William McArthur	30 	Canada 	 
Laura C. McArthur	26 	Dubuque Co IA 	 
Nathaniel McArthur	5 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Earl McArthur	1 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Joseph L. Williams	40 	Wales 	 
Edwin Lancaster	42 	Wisconsin 	 
Mary A. Lancaster	42 	England 	 
Lizzie A. Lancaster	11 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Midelton J. Lancaster	7 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Ira W. Lancaster	4 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Maud L. Lancaster	2 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Mathias Wesley	46 	Germany 	 
Rosina Wesley	47 	Germany 	 
John G. Wesley	24 	Illinois 	 
Henry Wesley	22 	Illinois 	 
Charles Wesley	17 	Illinois 	 
William Wesley	14 	Illinois 	 
Mathias Wesley	11 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Clarra Wesley	6 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Frank Buss	27 	Wisconsin 	 
Ida E. Buss	30 	Clayton Co IA 	 
Eva I. Buss	2 	Sioux Co IA 	 
John A. Smith	17 	Clayton Co IA 	 
Ferdinand Pech	46 	Germany 	 
Johnne Pech	25 	Germany 	 
Herman G. Pech	16 	Buena Vista Co 	 
Loisa M. Pech	14 	Buena Vista Co 	 
Martha A. Pech	13 	Buena Vista Co 	 
Caroline M. Pech	9 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
William F. Pech	8 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Ferdinand H. Pech	7 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
George H. Pech	5 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Lillian Pech	2 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Henry Groethin	38 	Jackson Co IA 	 
Mary E. Groetkin	33 	Minnesota 	 
Henry J. Groetkin	8 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Joseph H. Groetkin	6 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
John B. Groetkin	4 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Elizabeth M. Groetkin	2 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
George D. Groetkin	0 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Carl Laile	27 	Germany 	 
Peter Mueller	39 	Germany 	 
Anna Mueller	30 	Germany 	 
Maggie Mueller	6 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Lucy Mueller	4 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Nicholas Mueller	3 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Nicholas Schleck	25 	Germany 	 	 
Joseph Kamp	29 	Indiana 	 
Susanna A. Kamp	22 	Wisconsin 	
Joseph A. Kamp	3 	Sioux Co IA 	 
Elizabeth S. Kamp	2 	Sioux Co IA 	 
Henry G. Kamp	0 	Plymouth Co 	
L. Rertzenthaler	23 	Germany 	
Rebecca Potter	46 	Illinois 	 
Lorain L. Potter	26 	Illinois 	
Elizabeth M. Potter	23 	Illinois 	 
Walter S. Potter	23 	Illinois 	
Grace F. Potter	18 	Illinois 	 
Daniel W. Potter	16 	Illinois 	
Frank B. Potter	13 	Illinois 	
Mary M. Potter	11 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Michael Lewis	34 	Wisconsin 	
Gherhard Lewis	32 	Wisconsin 	 
Anna A. Lewis	30 	Dubuque Co IA 	 
Henry A. Lewis	5 	Plymouth Co IA 	
John Lewis	2 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Clara S. Lewis	0 	Plymouth Co IA 	
E. Rertzenthaler	22 	Germany 	
Ludwig Danne	49 	Germany 	
Amelia A. Danne	50 	Germany 	
Gustave W. Danne	17 	Germany 	
William F. Danne	11 	Germany 	
Lyda H. Danne	7 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
John Lancaster	46 	England 	 
Amelia J. Lancaster	37 	Illinois 	 
John Wisenhanse	34 	Germany 	 
Ida Wisenhanse	32 	Germany 	 
Fred A. Wisenhanse	12 	Germany 	 
John Wisenhanse	10 	Germany 	
Herman Wisenhanse	8 	Germany 	
Karl Edward Wisenhanse	6 	Sioux Co IA 	
Augusta H. Wisenhanse	3 	Sioux Co IA 	
Ferdinand A. Wisenhanse	2 	Plymouth Co IA 	
Ernest Wilhelm Wisenhanse	0 	Plymouth Co IA 	
William Falk Sr.	36 	Germany 	
Amelia Falk	34 	Germany 	
Williama Falk Jr.	10 	Plymouth Co IA 	
Martha Falk	7 	Plymouth Co IA 	
George Falk	5 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Frank Falk	2 	Plymouth Co IA 	
Emma Falk	0 	Plymouth Co IA 
Duncan K. McArthur	34 	Canada 	
Winnie M. McArthur	24 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Louis L. Philipson	30 	Germany 	
James H. Keliher	49 	Ireland 	
Mary Keliher	48 	Ireland 	
Mary A. Keliher	24 	Canada 	 
Margarette A. Keliher	22 	Michigan 	 
James F. Keliher	18 	Michigan 	
Loretta H. Keliher	9 	Michigan 	
Anthony Mimhouen	57 	Germany 	
Susan Mimhouen	54 	Germany 	
Mary Mimhouen	22 	Nebraska 	
Nicholas Mimhouen	18 	Nebraska 	
Josephine Mimhouen	13 	Plymouth Co IA 	
Jacob Dykestra	33 	Holland 	 
Minnie Dykestra	28 	Wisconsin 	
Minnie M. Dykestra	2 	Green Co IA 	
Simon Dykestra	42 	Holland 	 
Anthony Daugherty Sr.	75 	Maryland 	
Mary F. Daugherty	40 	New Jersey 	
Mary E. Daugherty	20 	Plymouth Co IA 	
Anthony Daugherty Jr.	18 	Plymouth Co IA 	
Alvira Daugherty	9 	Plymouth Co IA 	
John H. Daugherty	6 	Plymouth Co IA 
Henry Hupperfeld	65 	Germany 	
Mary Hupperfeld	64 	Germany 	
Frank Hupperfeld	24 	Germany 	
Maggie Hupperfeld	17 	Germany 	
Frank J. Mahlke	41 	Germany 	
Christena M. Mahlke	29 	Germany 	
John F. J. Mahlke	8 	Plymouth Co IA 	
Lena L. Mahlke	6 	Plymouth Co IA 	
Jacob Rubel	58 	Germany 	
Margarette Rubel	55 	Ireland 	
Joseph S. Rubel	26 	Plymouth Co IA 	
William J. Rubel	22 	Plymouth Co IA 	
George C. Rubel	20 	Plymouth Co IA 	
Henry F. Rubel	16 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Dunken S. McArthur	59 	Scotland 	
Elexy McArthur	57 	Canada 	
Elisa McArthur	28 	Canada 
Jane McArthur	26 	Canada 	
Alexander McArthur	24 	Canada 	
Daniel McArthur	22 	Canada 	
William B. McArthur	21 	Canada 	
Robert J. McArthur	18 	Canada 	
Elexy McArthur	16 	Canada 	
Mary I. McArthur	14 	Canada 	
Ludwig M. Buse	60 	Germany 	
Minnie Buse	56 	Germany 	
August C. Buse	27 	Germany 	 
Hermann Buse	29 	Germany 	
Anna C. Buse	30 	Illinois 	
Arthur A. Buse	2 	Plymouth Co IA 	
Richard H. Buse	22 	Ohio 	
Jacob H. Martin	42 	Germany 	
Augusta E. Martin	36 	Wisconsin 	
William F. Martin	13 	Nebraska 	
Fredrick H. Martin	11 	Plymouth Co IA 	
Estella M. Martin	10 	Nebraska 	
Elizabeth A. Martin	8 	Plymouth Co IA 	
John A. Martin	6 	Plymouth Co IA 	
Lydia M. Martin	2 	Plymouth Co IA 	
Heye Becker	73 	Germany 	
Margarette C. Becker	56 	Germany 	
Frank H. A. Becker	23 	Illinois 	
Emma M. Becker	20 	Illinois 	
Bertha M. Becker	17 	Illinois 	
Otto E. Becker	12 	Illinois 	
Herman C. Utech	29 	Germany 	
Bertha A. Utech	28 	Germany 	
Elizabeth C. Utech	4 	Plymouth Co IA 	
William A. Utech	3 	Plymouth Co IA 	
George W. Utech	0 	Plymouth Co IA 	
August C. Pipenburg	58 	Germany 	
Herman A. Knath	40 	Germany 	
Caroline M. Knath	36 	Germany 	
Paul W. Knath	14 	Germany 	
Elizabeth H. Knath	13 	Germany 	 
Martha M. Knath	11 	Germany 	 
Mary Johnson	68 	Sweden 	
Joseph A. Johnson	32 	Illinois 	
Anna H. M. Johnson	19 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Williams Knuth	36 	Germany 	
Amelia Knath	36 	Germany 	
Paul Knath	6 	Germany 	
Elizabeth Knath	8 	Plymouth Co IA 	
Lois Knath	7 	Plymouth Co IA 
William Knath	5 	Plymouth Co IA 	
Lilly Knath	3 	Plymouth Co IA 	
Herman Knath	2 	Plymouth Co IA 	
Charles Knath	0 	Plymouth Co IA 	
Frank Nehls	17 	Germany 	
Elmer F. Anstine	33 	Illinois 	
Margarette A. Anstine	31 	Canada 
Ellsworth Anstine	1 	Plymouth Co IA 	
Harry Reents	28 	Illinois 	
Martha Reents	21 	Illinois 	
Hellen C. Reents	2 	Plymouth Co 	
Henry Reents	0 	Plymouth Co 	
John B. Gengler	30 	Luxemburg 	
Frank Gengler	17 	Luxemburg 	
Andrew Johnson	36 	Illinois 	
Sereldia E. Johnson	26 	Ohio 	
Custer E. Johnson	5 	Plymouth Co 	
Mattie G. Johnson	3 	Plymouth Co 	
Ethel H. A. Johnson	0 	Plymouth Co 	
Laura M. Lucher	19 	Plymouth Co 	
Aloysius Jushman	38 	Jackson Co IA 	
Angie Jushman	30 	Germany 	
Katie M. Jushman	11 	Plymouth Co 	
Rozyanna Jushman	9 	Plymouth Co 	
William P. Jushman	6 	Plymouth Co 	
John T. Jushman	0 	Plymouth Co 	
George Bushter	41 	Indiana 	
Hannah A. Bushter	38 	Illinois 	
Susanna A. Bushter	15 	Illinois 	
Ellen V. Bushter	11 	Illinois 	
Lucy H. Bushter	9 	Dakota 	
Mary A. Bushter	7 	Dakota 	
George H. Bushter	5 	Dakota 	
John O. Bushter	3 	Dakota 
Carence E. Bushter	0 	Dakota 	 
Alice Boyle	57 	Ireland 	
Alice M. Boyle	23 	Illinois 	
Patrick J. Boyle	22 	Illinois 	
John E. Boyle	21 	Illinois 	
Charles F. Boyle	16 	Illinois 	 
Albert Hanke	46 	Germany 	
Augusta Hanke	42 	Germany 	
Bertha T. Hanke	20 	Pocahontas Co 	
Amanda A. Hanke	48 	Pocahontas Co 	
George L. Hanke	17 	Pocahontas Co 	
Carie M. Hanke	11 	Pocahontas Co 	
Edith C. Hanke	8 	Pocahontas Co 	
Lillie O. Hanke	5 	Pocahontas Co 	
John C. Langendorfer	44 	Germany 	
Francis Langendorfer	38 	Indiana 	
Charles F. Langendorfer	16 	Clayton Co IA 	
Earnest A. Langendorfer	14 	Clayton Co IA 	
Ellen M. Langendorfer	11 	Clayton Co IA 	
John B. Langendorfer	7 	Clayton Co IA 	
Morris B. Barton	35 	Lyon Co IA 
Lydia M. Barton	30 	Clayton Co IA 	
Florence I. Barton	11 	Dakota 
Maruin E. Barton	9 	Dakota 	
Ralp G. Barton	5 	Dakota 	
Miller Thomas Barton	65 	Scotland 	
Margarette S. Barton	55 	Scotland 	
Games Barton	40 	Canada 	
Alexander Barton	29 	Michigan 	
Edith M. Barton	18 	Michigan 	
Lasson A. C. Barton	22 	Denmark 	
William Utech Sr.	56 	Germany 	
Caroline M. Utech	56 	Germany 	
William Utech Jr.	21 	Illinois 	
Fredrick A. Utech	17 	Plymouth Co 	
Christian Utech	15 	Plymouth Co 	
A. C. Douglas	3 	Scotland 	
Agnes Douglas	40 	Scotland 	
Charles L. Pinney	44 	New York 	
Mary E. Pinney	44 	Maine 	
Florence A. Pinney	19 	Plymouth Co IA 	
Francis M. Pinney	16 	Plymouth Co IA 	
Robert L. Pinney	12 	Plymouth Co IA 	
Eva L. Pinney	6 	Plymouth Co IA 
George A. Young	26 	Illinois 	
Anna Young	23 	Jones Co IA 	
Myrtle Young	0 	Plymouth Co IA 	
Mary G. Coleman	15 	Germany 	
William G. Young	17 	Plymouth Co 	
John Hayes	27 	Indian 	
Nicholas Gable	60 	Germany 	
Barbary Gable	38 	Germany 	
Nicolas Gable	16 	Plymouth Co 	
Henry Gable	14 	Plymouth Co 	
Fredric Burkhard	39 	Germany 	 
Francis Burkhard	33 	Germany 	
John Burkhard	12 	Illinois 	
William Burkhard	10 	Illinois 	
Kitie Burkhard	8 	Plymouth Co 	
Joseph Burkhard	5 	Plymouth Co 	
Anna Burkhard	2 	Plymouth Co 	
Barbora Worff	57 	Germany 	
Elert Welken	27 	Germany 	
Catherine Welken	18 	Illinois 	
Meta C. Welken	0 	Plymouth Co IA 	
Gerhard F. Welken	19 	Germany 	
August G. Welken	12 	Plymouth Co IA 	
William R. Null	44 	Germany 	
Etta C. Null	37 	Germany 	
Frank Null	19 	Plymouth Co IA 	
John W. Null	18 	Plymouth Co IA 	
Fredric F. Null	16 	Plymouth Co IA 	
Ferd A. Null	14 	Plymouth Co IA 	
George H. Null	12 	Plymouth Co IA 
William R. Null	10 	Plymouth Co IA 	
Margarette G. Null	9 	Plymouth Co IA 	
Katie L. Null	7 	Plymouth Co IA 	
Etta C. Null	6 	Plymouth Co IA 	
Albert E. Null	3 	Plymouth Co IA 
Lillie E. Null	1 	Plymouth Co IA 	
Philipp Lubben	33 	Germany 	
Talka M. Lubben	31 	Germany 	
Margarette C. Lubben	9 	Plymouth Co IA 	
Henry Lubben	8 	Plymouth Co IA 	
Anna A. B. Lubben	6 	Plymouth Co IA 	
Hannah Lubben	5 	Plymouth Co IA 	
Mary H. Lubben	4 	Plymouth Co IA 
Burchard A. M. Lubben	2 	Plymouth Co IA 	
John G. Lubben	1 	Plymouth Co IA 
John W. Moss	31 	Germany 	
August F. Utech	27 	New York 	 
Minnie L. Utech	24 	Germany 	 
Mary M. Utech	1 	Plymouth Co 	 
George M. Mills	28 	Illinois 	 
Amy A. Mills	30 	Canada 	 
George A. Mills	2 	Plymouth Co 	 
Henry J. Detloffs	48 	Germany 	 
Paulena Detloffs	42 	Germany 	 
Bertha R. Detloffs	19 	Illinois 	 
Matilda J. Detloffs	17 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Anna D. Detloffs	15 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Mary R. Detloffs	13 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Dora W. Detloffs	10 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Henry C. Detloffs	8 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Edward F. Detloffs	5 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Arthur G. Detloffs	0 	Plymouth Co IA 	
William Pech	17 	Illinois 	 
Gustave Weisenhouse	29 	Germany 	
William Deegan	31 	Illinois 	 
Catherine E. Deegan	27 	Wisconsin 	 
Leroy N. Deegan	1 	Plymouth Co 	 
William F. Gibbrow	32 	Illinois 	 
Amanda W. C. Gibbrow	33 	Germany 	 
Richard J. H. Gibbrow	7 	Plymouth Co 	 
Alice F. Gibbrow	4 	Plymouth Co 	 
Ida F. F. Gibbrow	0 	  	 
Barnay H. Hokestia	23 	Netherlands 	 
Charles Schmittendrf	70 	Prussia 	 
Sopha Schmittendrf	74 	Prussia 	 
Henry Alberts	34 	Illinois 	 
Mary Alberts	33 	Illinois 	 
Edward H. Alberts	11 	Illinois 	 
Lydia A. Alberts	10 	Illinois 	 
Charles G. Alberts	9 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Henry D. Alberts	6 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Mary R. Alberts	5 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
John S. Alberts	4 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
William S. Alberts	3 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Joseph Obermire Sr.	66 	Germany 	 
Maggie Obermire	66 	Germany 	 
Ralph Obermire	24 	Wisconsin 	 
John Obermire	22 	Wisconsin 	 
Peter Obermire	15 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Sopha Stoll	53 	Germany 	 
William Stoll	25 	Illinois 	 
George David	26 	Illinois 	 
Frank C. Stoll	49 	Germany 	 
Augusta L. Stoll	36 	Germany 	 
Frank Stoll	16 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Clara H. P. Stoll	14 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Arthur H. A. Stoll	11 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Martin J. W. Stoll	9 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Olga W. Stoll	7 	Plymouth Co IA  
Freda L. J. Stoll	5 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Fredric H. Nicholas	30 	Germany 	 
Emma Nicholas	31 	Germany 	 
Martha Nicholas	10 	Germany 	 
Otto Nicholas	8 	Germany 	 
Fritz Nicholas	6 	Germany 	 
Frank Nicholas	3 	Germany 	 
Mary Nicholas	1 	Germany 	 
E. F. Councilman	52 	New York 	 
Ann E. Councilman	48 	Ohio 	 
Jessie B. Councilman	27 	Clinton Co IA 	 
Edith E. Councilman	24 	Harrison Co IA 	 
Clarence F. Councilman	22 	Harrison Co IA 	 
Simon Sharrda	29 	Netherlands 	 
Henry A. Ahlers	34 	Dubuque Co IA 	 
Minnie Ahlers	30 	Wisconsin 	 
Elizabeth Ahlers	5 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Henry J. Ahlers	4 	Plymouth Co IA  
Mary C. Ahlers	2 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Angeline A. Ahlers	0 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Barnhard Ritzenthales	30 	Germany 	 
Albert F. Adden	30 	Germany 	 
Johanna F. Adden	19 	Germany 	 
Henry Adden	1 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Abraham Long	67 	Ohio 	 
Elizabeth Long	63 	Ohio 	 
John J. F. Long	20 	Illinois 	 
Nicholas Schlesser	49 	Luxemburg 	 
Alice Schlesser	34 	Luxemburg 	 
John Schlesser	14 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Theresia Schlesser	13 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Lena Schlesser	11 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Susie Schlesser	10 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Maggie Schlesser	8 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Anna Schlesser	7 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Nicholas Schlesser	5 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Frank Schlesser	3 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Katie Schlesser	1 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Henry Schlesser	0 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Lambert Delperding	57 	Belgium 	 
Margarette Delperding	42 	Luxemburg 	 
Antone W. Delperding	13 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Nicholas J. Delperding	11 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
John H. Delperding	8 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Peter L. Delperding	5 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Katie M. Delperding	2 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Samuel W. B. Bixler	30 	Pennsylvania 	 
Sarah E. Bixler	26 	Illinois 	 
Homer B. Bixler	5 	Sioux Co IA 	 
Agness L. Bixler	4 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
George F. Bixler	3 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Elizabeth E. Bixler	0 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Louis L. Caig	40 	Indiana 	 
Julia Caig	25 	South Dakota 	 
Charles Long	35 	Ohio 	 
Nettie Long	25 	Clay Co IA 	 
Watter Philips	26 	Iowa 	 
Philip Boever	45 	Luxemburg 	 
Catherine Boever	37 	Illinois 	 
Catherine Boever	16 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Martin M. Boever	14 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Mary K. Boever	11 	Plymouth Co IA  
Annie Boever	8 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
John P. Boever	6 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Lena C. Boever	4 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Philip Ml Boever	1 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Charles C. Prichett	46 	Ohio 	 
Minnie Albright	36 	Germany 	 
August Albright	10 	Germany 	 
August Albright	8 	Germany 	 
Martha Albright	6 	Germany 	 
Freda Albright	3 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Lena Albright	1 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
William F. Mandelkow	55 	Germany 	 
Minnie Mandelkow	55 	Germany 	 
Hermon Mandelkow	21 	Germany 	 
John W. Mandelkow	17 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Lena Mahlke	29 	Germany 	 
William H. Mandelkow	25 	Germany 	 
Anna M. Mandelkow	19 	Germany 	 
Minnie J. Mandelkow	0 	Plymouth Co IA  
Joseph J. R. Obermire	30 	Wisconsin 	 
Amelia A. Obermire	18 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Daniel W. McCarthy	45 	Ireland 	 
Mary A. McCarthy	41 	Vermont 	 
Michael J. McCarthy	18 	Clayton Co IA 	 
Henry McCarthy	17 	Clayton Co IA 	 
Mary A. McCarthy	14 	Clayton Co IA 	 
Stella V. McCarthy	13 	Clayton Co IA 	 
Jay F. McCarthy	11 	Plymouth Co IA  
Anna C. McCarthy	5 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Earl D. McCarthy	1 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
William Nicholson	23 	Scotland 	 
Mary E. Nicholson	19 	Clayton Co IA 	 
Peter Reeble	25 	Luxemburg 	 
John Mcelroy	32 	Dubuque Co IA 	 
Margarette Mcelroy	28 	Rhode Island 	 
Autone Durband	46 	Switzerland 	 
Margarette Durband	44 	Wisconsin 	 
Edward Durband	20 	Wisconsin 	 
Francis D. Durband	19 	Wisconsin 	 
Dora Durband	70 	Plymouth Co 	 
Corrie M. Durband	8 	Plymouth Co 	 
Anthony Durband	6 	Plymouth Co 	 
Joseph A. Durband	23 	Switzerland 	 
George Osterman	29 	Switzerland 	 
Sophie Osterman	19 	Germany 	 
Peter Moran	45 	Pennsylvania 	 
Ellen Moran	43 	New York 	 
Frank Moran	14 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Peter Moran	11 	Plymouth Co IA 	
John J. Moran	6 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Ellen R. Moran	3 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Ruth Paul	58 	Vermont 	 
Charles F. Hoflinger	37 	Wisconsin 	 
Eva M. Hoflinger	37 	Wisconsin 	 
Arthur W. Hoflinger	11 	Dakota 	 
William Boland	43 	Wisconsin 	 
Nellie Boland	38 	Wisconsin 	 
Carrie Boland	18 	Minnesota 	 
Fannie Boland	16 	Minnesota 	 
Richard J. Boland	14 	Minnesota 	 
Susanne J. Boland	6 	Minnesota 	 
William H. Boland	4 	Minnesota 	 
Stephan W. Edwards	22 	Wisconsin 	 
Mary E. Edwards	20 	Michigan 	 
Blanch Edwards	0 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Catherine Schnell	47 	Germany 	 
Adam S. Schnell	36 	Germany 	 
Emery Schnell	26 	Illinois 	 
Katie Schnell	19 	Benton Co IA 	 
John Schnell	17 	Benton Co IA 	 
Minnie Schnell	14 	Benton Co IA 	 
George Schnell	13 	Benton Co IA 	 
Leroy M. Schnell	0 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Thomas Carter	19 	Ohio 	 
Samuel J. Penhallegon	37 	Wisconsin 	 
Jennie M. Penhallegon	39 	Wisconsin 	 
Charles M. Penhallegon	9 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Wallace C. Penhallegon	4 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Harrold Penhallegon	4 	Plymouth Co IA  
Hazzle M. Penhallegon	1 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Hattie Hearne	21 	Wisconsin 	 
Henry R. Flora	49 	Indiana 	 
Martha S. Flora	46 	Wisconsin 	 
Francis M. Flora	16 	Wisconsin 	 
Fred D. Williams	36 	New York 	 
Fred E. Horton	27 	Woodbury Co IA  
Debora E. Horton	23 	Woodbury Co IA 	 
Mabel E. Horton	4 	Woodbury Co IA 	 
Emerson R. Horton	2 	Woodbury Sioux City IA 	 
Dick Jahn	34 	Germany 	 
Fredericka Jahn	32 	Germany 	 
Wilhelm Jahn	8 	Woodbury Sioux City IA 	 
Bertha Jahn	5 	Woodbury Sioux City IA 	 
Derick Jahn	2 	Woodbury Sioux City IA 	 
Rosina Jahn	0 	Woodbury Sioux City IA 	 
George E. Lang	30 	Illinois 	 
Sydney L. Lang	29 	Ohio 	 
Bessie E. Lang	5 	Illinois 	 
John J. Lang	3 	Plymouth Co IA  
George S. Lang	1 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
John P. Riter	30 	Delaware Co IA 	 
Minnie Riter	22 	Pennsylvania 	 
George J. Riter	27 	Clayton Co IA 	 
George M. Hafner	39 	Wisconsin 	
Anna C. Hafner	37 	Wisconsin 	 
George W. Hafner	18 	Wisconsin 	 
Katie M. Hafner	16 	Wisconsin 	 
Peter F. Hafner	14 	Wisconsin 	 
Lena M. Hafner	13 	Wisconsin 	 
Christina Hafner	11 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
William J. Hafner	7 	Plymouth Co IA 	 
Henry C. Giese	36 	Scott Co IA 	 
Anna Giese	35 	Dallas Co IA 	 
Willie M. Giese	14 	Jackson Co IA 	 
John Harter	26 	Germany 	 
Joseph Nimmiers	20 	Jackson Co IA 	 
Pete Braden	22 	Germany 	 
John F. Faber	26 	Germany 	 
John Faber	30 	Germany 	 
Martin W. Frye	27 	Germany 	 
Richard Jurgenes	27 	Germany 	 
Julia Curtis	24 	Jones Co IA 	 
John McFarland	40 	Louisa Co IA 	 
Emma V. McFarland	37 	Pennsylvania 	 
Nettie M. McFarland	16 	Poweshiek 	 
Harry W. McFarland	7 	Plymouth Co IA 
Alice D. McFarland	5 	Plymouth Co IA 
Sadie A. McFarland	3 	Plymouth Co IA 
Nellie C. McFarland	0 	Plymouth Co IA 
Winefred Chatterton	25 	Bremer Co IA 
Austa Chatterton	22 	Bremer Co IA 
Lois M. Chatterton	57 	New York 
Leo Frembgen	34 	Illinois 
Theresa Frembgen	32 	Wisconsin 
Celia K. Frembgen	12 	Wisconsin 
Alice E. Frembgen	11 	Wisconsin 
Anna Frembgen	9 	Wisconsin 
Antone Frembgen	7 	Wisconsin 
Nora R. Frembgen	5 	Nebraska 
Josephine L. Frembgen	4 	Nebraska 
Edward J. Frembgen	2 	Plymouth Co IA 
Antone Spinas	44 	Switzerland 
Pauline L. Spinas	32 	Germany 
Bertha L. Spinas	7 	Plymouth Co IA 
Caroline W. Spinas	6 	Plymouth Co IA 
Loretsa F. Spinas	3 	Plymouth Co IA 
Rubers McFarland	68 	Ohio 
Sarah McFarland	64 	Ohio 
William McFarland	38 	Illinois 
Herbert L. McFarland	22 	Hardin Co IA 
Sylva McFarland	19 	Butler Co IA 
Thomas Bennett	25 	Illinois 
George M. Comparet	33 	Indiana 
Clifford H. Purdy	24 	Ohio 
Henry Herren	29 	Germany 
Helene Herren	21 	Germany 
Louise Herren	0 	Sioux Co IA 
George E. Flickinger	35 	Illinois 
Mary A. Flickinger	34 	England 
Elmer O. Flickinger	12 	Sioux Co IA 
Mary J. A. Flickinger	10 	Sioux Co IA 
Clifford E. Flickinger	5 	Plymouth Co IA 
Albina C. Brandt	35 	Wisconsin 
Regina Brandt	31 	Wisconsin 
Clarie K. Brandt	7 	Plymouth Co IA 
Carl H. Brandt	4 	Plymouth Co IA 
Regina C. Brandt	0 	Plymouth Co IA 
Henry Brandt	28 	Wisconsin 
John Brandt	25 	Wisconsin 
Claris Henning	34 	Germany 
John Majerns	29 	Germany 
Charles W. Estlack	34 	Ohio 
Lizzie A. Estlack	28 	Canada 
Charles W. Estlack Jr.	6 	Woodbury Co IA 
Charles A. Rodolf	46 	Dubuque Co IA 
Agnes O. Rodolf	30 	Canada 
Robin Rodolf	6 	Plymouth Co IA 
Brother Rodolf	0 	Plymouth Co IA 
Christian J. Zehe	35 	Illinois 
Jessie A. Zehe	25 	Illinois 
John B. Owings	53 	Illinois 
Mary E. Owings	44 	Illinois 
Orlando S. Owings	25 	Marshall Co 
Arthur M. Owings	19 	Marshall Co 
Lydia A. Owings	14 	Marshall Co 
Mary W. Owens	75 	New York 


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