Plymouth County
Seney Cemetery
Newly Transcribed Oct 2003
Elgin Township

Contributed by:
Duane & Viv Reeves
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~These are early OWNERS and are not necessarily the ones that are buried in this cemetery.
In some cases the ownership changed before burials were interred.

Keep scrolling down for the actual list of known burials in this cemetery.

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Block 2

Block 3

Block 4

#4 H. Nagilhout

#1 Margaret Rees

#1 Winslow

#5 Edward Mathern

#5 Hughes

   Jake Berkenpas

#2 Young

#6 J. B. Owings

#6 Floyd Becker

#2 Hollis Wills

#3 E. Gould

#18 Mrs. Lyman Penning

#7 J. S. Eilts

 Oscar & Opal Gatzke

#4 Laura Kennedy

#10 Lulu Penning

#8 Bert Reeves


#5 C. Boyes


    Arthur Reeves

#6 Mrs. J.H. Walkup

#6 Caroline Reeves


#9 Duane Hawkins

#7 Jon Alderson

#7 O. L. Britton


#15 Harriet Hawkins

#8 Henry Husted

#8 Britton


#16 W.C. Hawkins

#13 William Gittoes

#9 D. Benedict


  Lida Hawkins

#14 McArthur

 Alex McArthur


  Elizabeth Hawkins

#15 A.S. Knowlton

#10 William Lancaster


  F. Gober

#16 John Wallinga

#11 Simon Anstine


#17 Richard Hawkins

 T.N. Wadsworth

 Elmer Anstine


#18 H. M. Lobdell

#17 Elam Chapman

#12 Rubel


#19 N. Porter

#18 J. F. Morrissey

#13 H. M. Coolbaugh


#20 Geo. R. Moir

#20 George Reeves

#14 William Jackson


#21 Albert T. Hawkins

#21 A. C. Elder

#15 George Darville



G. D. Burt

#16 Winkel



Grant Chapman

  F. P. Keister



#22 W.S. Freeman

#17 William Sardeson



#23 Wales (sold it)

#18 Alex Moir




#19 Robert Potter




#20 A. Miller




#21 J. L. Sudduth




#22 M. Ewin




#23 Penning




#24 Beldon



Deceased Name Dates/Info Notes
ANSTINE, Elmer b. 19 Aug 1861; d. 10 Jul 1946 No Tombstone
ANSTINE, Simon d. 06 Nov 1884 66y, 11mo, 28da
ANSTINE, William H. d. 01 Apr 1883 28y, 8mo, 22da
ANSTINE, Willard Elmer (Per SSDI: b. 03 May 1921; d. Aug 1980) 1921-1980 Sgt USArmy, WWII
BECKER, Floyd 1905-1976 Husb of Genevieve
BECKER, Genevieve 1910-2001 nee' Nixon
BECKER, Frank 1872-1956 Husb of Jeanette
BECKER, Jeanette F. 1881-1953  
BELDER, Fay d. 8 May 1897 Elgin Twp; 1 mo. 1 da Female; bur Elgin Twp cem; born Springfield, Illinois; No Tombstone
BENEDICT, Our darling beloved daughter of Rev. D.D. & Mrs. G. Benedict b. 28 Jul 1886; d. 03 Jul 1887 Her name was Edna Pearl.

BOYES, Mary, wife of Gana Boyes

"Though in the path of death I tread with gloomy terrors overspread, My steadfast heart shall fear no ill, for thou, O Lord, art with me still."

d. 16 Mar 1872 Aged 34 yrs
BRITTON, Debora "Old Grandma Britton died in Minnesota June 9, 1893; she was brought to Seney on the 10th; buried on 11th" mother of J. Lyman Britton, wife of Eli Britton; No Tombstone
BRITTON, Claude d. 12 Oct 1892; 7 mos Cause: cholera infantum; Father: Oris Britton; Bur Seney, IA; No Tombstone
BRITTON, Eli d. 21 Sep 1889, Seney, Ia.; age 80 yrs; born 2 Mar 1809, New York father of J. Lyman Britton, husband of Deborah; No Tombstone
BRITTON, Ernest d. 23 May 1886 Age 8mo, 17das
BRITTON, Gracie (Inscription on the children's side of stone) "Gone But Not Forgotten. Children of O.L. & N. Britton" d. 10 Jul 1887 Age 3mo, 25 das
BRITTON, Jonathan Lyman d. 24 Apr 1911 from the newspaper: "interment was made in the Seney cemetery by the side of his parents." No Tombstone
BRITTON, Nellie (Ernest & Gracie share a stone with their mother, Nellie) Inscription: "Husband and daddy, I must leave you, Leave, yes leave you all alone. But my blessed Savior calls me, calls me to a Heavenly Home." d. 17 May 1888 23 yrs, 20 das
BUCKLAND, J. S. d. 07 May 1889 Aged 45yrs
BURNETT, Kathy J. b. 05 Jul 1945; d. 13 Oct 2004 Per her obit buried Seney
CHAPMAN, Grant 1865-25 Mar 1944 79y, 1mo, 19da
CHAPMAN, Grant d. 15 Oct 1899 Age 3 mos; Bur Seney, IA; No Tombstone
CHAPMAN, Margaret 1872-1938 Wf of Grant; nee' March
CLARK, Iona M. 1892-1964 Dau of Mat & Ella Ewin
CLUTE, May d. 20 ___ 1900, Fredonia Twp; 14 das old Female; Bur Seney; No Tombstone
CONNER, Nathan L. 1899-1954 Husb of Eva
CONNER, Eva R. 1911-1988  
COOK, Charles W. "Father" 1864-1929  
COOK, Martha J. "Mother" 1873-1965  
COOK, Gordon Louis b. 10 Jul 1905; d. 01 Nov 1982  
COOK, Margaretta b. 14 Jun 1919; d. 30 Mar 2011 nee' Tolman
COOLBAUGH, Infant d. Sunday, Mar 22, 1891 Bur Seney on Wed. March 25; No Tombstone
DARVILLE, Laura d. 27 Oct 1889 Female; 6 yrs; Father, David Darville; Bur Seney; No Tombstone
DEN OUDEN, Cornelius "Casey" b. 29 Sep 1925; d. 05 Apr 2008  
ERICKSON, Brandon James (Inscription: "He was our angel--Now he's the Lord's")

b. 02 Nov 1991
d. 06 Sep 1993

ERICKSON, Walter G. b. 31 Jul 1922; d. 09 Dec 1990  
EWIN, Robert Leroy (No dates on the stone)

b. 23 Mar 1894
d. 12 May 1894

Inf son of Mathew & Ella Ewin
EWIN, Anna (No dates on the stone) b/d 25 Mar 1900 Inf dau of Mathew & Ella Ewin
EWIN, Ella H. "Mother" on separate stone b.15 Jul 1856; d. 14 Feb 1915 Wf of Mathew Ewin
EWIN, Mathew "Father" on separate stone b. 20 Jun 1852; d. 28 Mar 1923 Husb of Ella Lothrop Ewin
FREEMAN, Samuel A. d. 24 Feb 1884 63yr, 11mo, 10das
FREEMAN, Josie B. (Per a family member in June 1983 the old stone for this grave was gone and a new grave marker put in place. The new stone reads: Josephine Knowlton Freeman 1855-1882) b. 17 Sep 1855; d. 24 May 1882 Wf of W.S. Freeman
FRENCH, Emma F. d. 13 Jul 1883 31yr, 11mo, 8 das
GIBSON, Freddie, son of W. H. and M. Gibson d. 01 Jan 1881 Age 1yr, 11da
GITTOES, Martha Ann, Wife of William Gittoes d. 18 Aug 1884 22yr, 8mo,21das
GOBER, Frank 1886-1958  
GRUNDY, "Grandma" d. 04 Dec 1901 Per obituary died at home of her son, Wm. Foulds; remains laid to rest in cemetery here. No Tombstone
HAVILAND, Charles P. (LeMars Sentinel, 26 Jun 1908; Mr. Bogen of LeMars was in town one day recently and erected a monument for the grave of the baby of Jas. Haviland.) b. 30 Oct 1875; d. 03 Jun 1876  
HAVILAND, M.C. d. 02 Apr 1902 85 yrs; Bur Seney, IA; No Tombstone
HAWKINS, William G. 1880-1963  
HAWKINS, Eliza W. 1880-1970  
HAWKINS, Harriet E. 1925-1974 Wf of Norris
HAWKINS, Norris N.

b. 28 Mar 1927
d. 05 Dec 2004

HAWKINS, Richard "Father" 1851-1926  
HAWKINS, Jane "Mother" 1857-1944  
HAWKINS, Richard A. "Allie" 1886-1935 Husb of Lizzie
HAWKINS, Elizabeth A. 1883-1965  
HAWKINS, Albert T. 1897-1961  
HAWKINS, Annie E. 1898-1978  
HAWKINS, Albert W. b. 24 Sep 1920; d. 13 Oct 1920 Son of A.T. & Annie E.
HAWKINS, George C. 04 Oct 1921 Son of R.A. & Elizabeth
HAWKINS, Joel B. 1963-1971 Son of Norris & Harriet
HAWKINS, Timothy D. "Ours For Awhile" 1956-1959 Son of Duane & Leola
HAWKINS, William Henry, Son of H.J. & M. (Inscription: "Since life and spirit now hath rest, thy sufferings all are over") d. 21 Aug 1886 Age 1yr, 4 das
HAWKINS, Leola Hart

b. 15 Nov 1923
d. 17 Jul 2003

Wf of Duane
HAWKINS, Duane Douglas b. 25 Feb 1923; d. 06 Jan 2001 Cpl USMarine Corps, WWII
HAWKINS, David W. b. 10 Mar 1938; d. 26 Aug 2011 Husb of Judy
HEIDE, Henry

b. 26 Nov 1830
d. 04 Mar 1919

Co. D, 53rd IL Vol.
HEIDE, Katherine   Wf of Henry Heide
HEIDE, Julia   Dau of Henry & Katherine
HUGHES, Elizabeth 1868-1941 Wf of George; buried at Seney alone
HUGHES, George T. 1866-19__ Died 29 Aug 1962; Buried at Haxtun, Colo.
HUSTED, Isabel 1850-1933  
HUSTED, Henry 1842-1932  
JACKSON, Harvey 1890-03 Feb 1891 Son of Mr/Mrs Wm. Jackson. Buried Seney cemetery. No Tombstone
KENNEDY, Female Infant b/d 13 May 1931 Dau of Emerson & Mabel Penning Kennedy; buried in Seney cemetery. No Tombstone
KNOWLTON, Nancy W. "Mother" 1830-1883  
KNOWLTON, Alvah S. "Husband" 1852-1944  
KNOWLTON, Helen A. "Wife" 1854-1926  
KNOP, Mary "Mother" 1864-1927  
KUNATH, Charles F. 1894-1957  
LANCASTER, Chris (Transcribed in 1976--this stone is no longer found in Oct. 2003) 1876-1938  
LANCASTER, John "Father" 1848-1936  
LANCASTER, Amelia "Mother" 1857-1946  
LANCASTER, Edwin M. "Father" 1852-1930  
LANCASTER, Ira d. 27 Apr 1888; 3yr 2mo; born Plym County; Male Bur Seney, IA; son of John & Amelia Lancaster; No Tombstone
LANCASTER, Mary Alice "Mother" 1853-1929 nee' Alderson

b. 07 Sep 1905
d. 02 Nov 1907

Son of Mr/Mrs. C. Lancaster
LANCASTER, L. Rosabelle b. 19 Jan 1899; d. 07 Jul 1986 Wife of M. J.

b. 03 Aug 1887
d. 03 Dec 1967

LANCASTER, Vincent M. 1895-1948 Husb of Ina
LANCASTER, Mary I. 1904-1999 Wf of Vincent
LANCASTER, Elizabeth d. 14 Dec 1890 Aged 81 yrs; Wife of William
LANCASTER, William d. 25 Jun 1895 Aged 87 yrs
LANCASTER, Margaret "Mother" 1848-1920  
LANCASTER, William "Father" 1844-1928  
LANCASTER, Jane "To Bloom In Heaven" d. 21 May 1881 7yr, 5mo, 11das
LANCASTER, Maggie "Jane & Maggie, Children of W.C. & M. Lancaster" (Inscription on the stone that Jane & Maggie share: "Do not weep dearest father and mother she said; The angels are around me, they're guarding my bed. I cannot stay longer, for me they've come down. I am going to my Jesus to wear a gold crown." d. 27 May 1881 8mos, 9 das
LEHRMAN, Lila Jean "In God's Loving Care" b. 17 Aug 1962; d. 01 Sep 1984  
LORD, Sarah A. d. 08 Jul 1874 53yrs, 2mos
McARTHUR, Alex 1868-1956  
McARTHUR, Annie 1871-1956 Wf of Alex
McARTHUR, Hazel 1893  
MILLER, Louise d. 01 Feb 1884; age 8 mos Born 4 miles north of Remsen, IA; Bur Seney, IA; No Tombstone
MOIR, George R. "Father" 1855-1936  
MOIR, Mary F. "Mother" 1862-1939  
MOIR, Dorothy A. 17 Jun 1924  
MOIR, Infant son of G.R. & M.F. Moir d. 24 Feb 1892 Age 1day
MOORE, Clarence E. 1866-1945  
MOORE, Ada L. 1879-1937 Wf of Clarence
MOORE, Lela Gertrude d. 20 Mar 1906; 5 weeks of age Bur Seney Cemetery; No Tombstone
MORRIS, Calvin A. 1875-1954  
NICOLAUS, Wilhelm Frederich no dates Bur Seney Cemetery; No Tombstone
OWINGS, Mary W. "With a cheery smile and wave of the hand, she has wandered into an unknown land."

d. 17 Aug 1901 82yr, 1mo, 10das
PENNING, Albert N. 1882-1957  
PENNING, Lulu 1886-1964  
PENNING, John F. 1880-1921  
PENNING, Eilert D. 1837-1902  
PENNING, Wubka A. "His Wife" 1845-1933 Eilert & Wubka share a stone
PENNING, Janette V. 1874-1897 Shares stone with Eilert & Wubka
PENNING, Lyman E. "Father" 1876-1925  
PENNING, Mamie A. "Mother" 1884-1950  
PORTER, Sadie J. (Note: This stone is completely illegible in 2003, with SADIE being the only word that can be made out. The information is from the previous reading in 1976.) 19 Jun ???? Dau of Nels & Mary Porter
POTTER, Nellie I., dau of R. and S. Potter d. 20 Sep 1871 2yr, 3mo, 17da
POTTER, Sarah "At Rest and Gone, But Not Forgotten" b.28 May 1829; d. 12 Aug 1900 Wf of Robert Potter; "Mother"
POTTER, Robert b. 08 Sep 1829; d. 12 Dec 1918  
REES, Lena Penning 1885-1967  
REES, Margaret 1884-1966 nee' Lancaster
REEVES, Arthur "Father" 1847-1932  
REEVES, Caroline 26 Feb 1823-30 Jun 1906 83yr, 4mo, 4da; Wf of John;
REEVES, Elizabeth "Mother" 1844-1933  
REEVES, Cynthia "Mother" 1886-1930 nee' Heemstra
REEVES, Bert H. "Father" 1878-1960 Husb of Cynthia
REEVES, Clarence H.W., son of Geo. & Emily M. d. 19 Nov 1872 3yr, 8mo, 21das
REEVES, Francis "To Die No More" d. 20 May 1874 22yr, 2mo
REEVES, John (Inscription: "Rest husband in the the silent tomb; Rest, for the shadow and the gloom of death is passed; Rest from the griefs thy path beset; Rest, dear one, we have met in Heaven at last.") d. 19 Jul 1881 Correct age is: 59yr, 6mo, 14das
REEVES, Mrs. Robert (Lucy) 16 Nov 1856-27 May 1917 Married; Maiden name Lucy Potter; No Tombstone
REEVES, Robert 26 Jun 1848-30 Jan 1927 From the obituary: "interment made in the cemetery at Seney." No Tombstone
RUBEL, Jesse 06 Mar 1810-19 Jun 1889 79 yrs; Bur Seney, IA; No Tombstone
RUBEL, Lydia A., wife of Jesse Ruble d. 14 Dec 1880 69yr, 7mo, 6da
RUBEL, Ruzella May d. 01 Jan 1881 Infant dau
RUBEL, Myrtle B. (Children of Thomas & Lucy Rubel) d. 26 Jun 1883 2yr, 4mo,20das; Ruzella & Myrtle share a stone
SARDESON, John David 16 Dec 1883-03 Mar 1890, Alton, IA Eldest child of Wm. Sardeson; Bur Seney, IA; No Tombstone
SARDESON, Mabel 19 Aug 1891-30 Sep 1891; Sioux County Inf dau of Wm & Eliza Sardeson; Bur Seney, IA; No Tombstone
SMALL, J. D. d. 04 Feb 1885; 7 das old Born Seney; Male; Bur Seney, IA; No Tombstone
SUDDUTH, John 1861-1929 (Rev.)
SUDDUTH, Lillian M., His Wife 1847-1926 Obit says b..1848
WALINGA, Baby b. 14 Oct 1911; d. 18 Mar 1912  
WALKUP, John H. 1864-1924 b. 03 Oct 1863
WALKUP, Mozzemma 1867-1943 Wf of John H.
WALKUP, Hazel 1899-1923 Mrs. Guy Anstine
WILLS, K. Dean 1934-1960 son of Hollis & Dora
WILLS, Hollis B. 1905-1992 Husb of Dora
WILLS, Dora C. 1913-1984  
WILLS, Joyce L. 1938-1987 dau of Hollis & Dora
WINKEL, A. d. 30 May 1894; stillbirth Born Fredonia Twp; Bur Seney, IA; No Tombstone
WINKEL, John F. 1817-1900 Same stone as Penning, Eilert, Wubka, Janette
WINKEL, Ranko 1855-1896  
WINSLOW, Charles N. d. 11 Mar 1880 68yr, 1mo
WONSER, Marie J. b. 30 Aug 1881; d. 01 Mar 1954 nee' Lancaster
YOUNG, Amanda d. 02 Jul 1881; 7 yrs; born Iowa Bur 03 Jul 1881, Seney, IA; No Tombstone


Orginally buried at Seney Cemetery--later exhumed and reburied in the LeMars City Cemetery

ALDERSON, Ruth Leone, d. 24 Oct 1897, dau of Jonathan & Agnes Alderson

CHAPMAN, Lois May, b. 10 Jul 1899; d. 15 Oct 1899, dau of Elam & Lizzie Alderson Chapman

CHAPMAN, Infant Son, b. 20 Jan 1903; d. 22 Jan 1903, son of Elam & Lizzie Alderson Chapman

LeMars Sentinel, April 29, 1910

SENEY: (Special Correspondence)

John Beely, of LeMars, was in town Friday and took up the corpses of the children of Elam Chapman
and Jonathan Alderson and removed them to the LeMars cemetery.


REEVES, Claude Robert, d. 1887; Family Note: Claude died as an infant. He was originally buried in the Seney Cemetery in
August 1887; then was disinterred and moved to LeMars City Cemetery in 1910. See additional information about the burial
in LeMars. Source: the Journal of LeMars Cemetery Association, page 35.

Purchaser: J. H. Reeves
Name of deceased: Child of J. H. Reeves
Date of burial: Dec. 9, 1910
Price: $4.50
Amt. pd.: $4.50
Date pd: Dec. 23, 1910

Note: Brought from Seney Cemetery to the LeMars City Cemetery after being buried twenty plus years at Seney.


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