Plymouth County
Resthaven Cemetery
LeMars, Iowa

Resthaven Cemetery Entrance with the "Garden of Love" (right photo)

Memorial Day 2015 Photos Contributed by Frank Postma

Resthaven cemetery maps

Maps submitted by Frank Postma & Art Friedrich; Drawn by Stan Bastman


Updated alpha INDEX of burials at Resthaven--Thanks to Frank Postma for all of his hard work and effort, with Art Friedrich assisting. An asterisk (*) after the name indicates a funeral home marker is located on the grave, and brackets [ ]around the name indicate a grave that is not marked at all.

[A-C] [D-G] [H-J] [K-M] [N-R] [S-Z]

A linked/underlined name leads to the deceased obituary.

A FLAG indicates that the deceased was a veteran.

died in the line of duty


Photo by Frank Postma, June 2015

The Resthaven information sign is located halfway in the Christus Mall area in the center of the walkway. What a fantastic research tool to locate burials!

Additional Sign Note: Regarding the enhanced 2008 Resthaven Cemetery sign: the "man behind the sign" as he has refered to himself is Mark Jordan, LeMars Engineering CAD Manager.  For the updated 2008 sign Mark incorporated suggestions as well as several of his own into the new insert.  Also, Art Friedrich, Rock Valley, spent several hours last winter making many small corrections, eliminating the block of lots and spaces in the corners that did not exist, e.t.c. ~Info provided by Frank Postma, LeMars, Iowa

~Below photo shows the "YOU ARE HERE" portion of the sign

Above Resthaven Cemetery "Garden of Love" (left photo); "Christus Mall" (right photo) rural LeMars, Iowa.....taken in August 1965. ~photos taken by Linda Ewin





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