Plymouth County, Iowa

Abbreviations: w/o (wife of), d/o (daughter of), s/o (son of), h/o (husband of), ss (shares stone)

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Name of Deceased - R surnames Dates

Other Notes

Richards, Elizabeth J. 1864-1954 ss/Joseph H.
Richards, Henry 22 Mar 1855-03 Jan 1930  
Richards, Infant d. 17 Apr 1889 Infant of Joe Richards
Richards, James 15 Mar 1828-02 May 1886 ss/Esther Stephens,Edward, Margaret & Oscar Stephens
Richards, Joseph H. 1862-02 Oct 1924 ss/Elizabeth J.
Richards, William M. 04 Apr 1865-11 Feb 1926  
Richardson, Clifford Francis 18 Feb 1915-18 Feb 1987 h/o Mary Lucile Bornholtz
Richardson, George C. 1893-1920 FATHER; ss/Lawrence W.
Richardson, Lawrence W. 1919-1920 SON; ss/George C.
Richardson, Maggie b/d 10 Mar 1902 d/o Harry & Maggie
Rosenmerkel, Kate 1853-Oct 1928 MOTHER; ss/Thomas
Rosenmerkel, Thomas 31 Dec 1850-21 Mar 1931 FATHER; ss/Kate
Rosenmerkel, Thomas 25 Nov 1877-14 Aug 1916  



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