Plymouth County, Iowa

Abbreviations: w/o (wife of), d/o (daughter of), s/o (son of), h/o (husband of), ss (shares stone)

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Name of Deceased - K surnames Dates

Other Notes

Karker, David A. 05 Jun 1832-11 Apr 1894  
Karker, Susan Ann (Yorden) 17 May 1833-20 Jul 1924  
Kimmitt, Anna J. d. 06 Jan 1890 Aged 6m, 6da; ss/Johnie L.; d/o James & Alice
Kimmit, Johnie L. d. 07 Jan 1890 Aged 2y, 9m, 30da; ss/Anna J.; s/o James & Alice
Kindy, Jonas 29 Nov 1862-01 Oct 1882 Aged 19y, 10m, 17da; ss/Phebe C. Harrison
Knapp, Dewales Shadrack b. 05 Jan 1898 Age at death approx 4 or 5 yrs; s/o Jessie A. & Lida Mae (Soule)
Knapp, Infant Son b/d 19 Jul 1936 s/o Dale & Magda

Knapp, Jesse A.

1866-1951 FATHER
Knapp, Lida M. (Soule) 1875-1934 MOTHER
Krause, Augusta 1855-1901 w/o Ferdinand
Krause, Emil 1905-1937  
Krause, Ferdinand 10 Dec 1845-04 Jul 1934  
Kunst, Anna 1840-10 Feb 1884 Aged 43y, 11mo; w/o Hans
Kunst, Emma d. 20 Feb 1885 Aged 16y, 6mo; d/o H. & A.
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