Plymouth County, Iowa

Abbreviations: w/o (wife of), d/o (daughter of), s/o (son of), h/o (husband of), ss (shares stone)

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Name of Deceased - C surnames Dates

Other Notes

Calkin, Ann Radford 1841-1926  
Calkin, Asahel D. 1833-1913  
Calkin, Homer M. 1860-1881 Son
Calkin, Infant 27 Dec 1910-05 Jan 1911 Child of E.S. & M.C. Calkin
Carstens, Ronald D. 15 Aug 1936-24 Apr 1986 h/o Ann
Chase, Mary 12 Oct 1811-08 Feb 1890 Aged 78y, 3m, 27das.
Church, Alexander Jay 27 Aug-31 Aug 1906 s/o Delbert & Mabel Elizabeth / ss Delbert
Church, Charles 01 Sep 1876-09 Mar 1931  
Church, Charles John Jr. 30 Sep 1908-03 Dec 1908 s/o Mr. & Mrs. Charles Church
Church, Delbert 31 Jan 1885-15 Jan 1910 ss/Alexander Jay (infant)
Church, John

06 Dec 1829-26 May 1910

Church, Julie E. B. 18 Jan 1855-12 May 1905 w/o John
Crawford, William Joseph Sep 1910-12 May 1911 s/o Mr. & Mrs. Charles Crawford
Crippen, Henry N. 1883-1956 FATHER
Crippen, John W. d. 20 May 1892 Aged 4m, 8da; ss/Rev. W.W. Crippen
Crippen, Mary E. 1857-1922 ss/John W., Rev. W.W., Viola
Crippen, Nellie V. (Kennedy) 01 Mar 1897-31 Aug 1980 w/o Henry N.
Crippen, Viola B. d. 23 Oct 1904 Aged 2y, 5m; ss/Rev. W.W., Mary E. John W.
Crippen, Rev. W. W. d. 22 Feb 1912 Aged 54y, 4m, 22d



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