G.A.R. Markers
~GAR photos taken May 2008 by Linda Ziemann

Plymouth County
City Cemetery GAR plot


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The Veteran’s Memorial Park, sponsored by Wasmer Post and the LeMars Cemetery Association, is located in the south center section of the City Cemetery in a beautifully wooded section covering a full block, being 124 by 172 feet. The plot, through the efforts of Wasmer Post, was set aside by the Cemetery Association as a Veteran’s Memorial Plot. The markers were restricted to the official government marker, and further provisions were made that the regulations and provisions of the Government National Cemetery be followed in its administration.

The dedication of this plot took place on Decoration Day 1930. Among those participating in the dedicatory ceremony were General W.H. Bailey; G.A.R. Commander John C. Ruble, President of the LeMars Cemetery Association; Col. Gordon Hollar; First Lt. Dudley Scott, O.R.C.; and Chaplain Earl Burgess.

The first veteran to be buried in the plot was Harry C. Hart, Carpenter’s Mate, 3rd Class, U.S.N., June 30, 1931.

Plans call for landscaping and a formal pool and fountain in the center of the plot to be constructed in a design symbolic of the American Legion Emblem. These plans have not been executed, but their completion would be worthy activity of the local Legion Post in the near future.

~Source: History of Wasmer Post No. 241, The American Legion, written by Wendell L. Downing, M.D., Post Historian, LeMars, Iowa, 1944



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