St. Mary's Cemetery -- Remsen, Iowa


Obituary postings are linked to the burial names.

ss/ indicates sharing stone with

Deitering, Herman John 1874-1948
Deitering, Johann Albert "Father" abt 1846-1922
Deitering, Anna Lensing "Mother" 1853-1914
Deiterman, Bernard Sr. 1846-1931
Deiterman, Mary Christina 1861-1913
Delperdang, Allan L. 1952-1983
Delperdang, Alphonse M. 1892-1977
Delperdang, Edith Mae 1917-2006
Delperdang, Gerald Anthony 1917-1973
Delperdang, Susanna Clementine 1897-1986
Deubel, Edward L. 1874-1957
Deubel, Lena 1882-1968
Deubel, Sylvester 1918-1918
Duster, John 1859-1916


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